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Id like to wish him a happy birthday George Best
20 May 2022

Happy Birthday George Best

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Today marks what would have been George Best’s 76th birthday. Regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time, and often muted as football’s first superstar, what’s George’s link to Millennium Care?

In another life Brian, a resident at our Brookdale Care Home in Bury, was George’s Bodyguard:

“I’m born and bred in Salford, that’s how it came about – I enjoyed it. I was a season ticket holder at United. I’m a Manchester lad, always will be.

“I worked for a casino; I was a casino man. I met him when he was a young lad, I worked for him then.”

If you’ve even a slight interest in football, then you’ve heard stories about ‘Georgie’ Best whether that’s his legendary dribbling skills or his playboy antics. A member of Manchester United’s fabled ‘Holy Trinity’ his place in football is forever cemented with a statue outside arguable the most recognisable stadium in the world.

“I was always at Old Trafford, I lived at Old Trafford – I watched a lot of matches. He was class. He really was a top-class player.

“I only worked a short period for him, he was a nice guy. He got about a bit but he was well mannered, well behaved. The people that knew him liked him. He was respected and well treated. He was very, very well-liked.

“He was a rum lad! He was badly led, he wanted to behave himself, try and do well. He was a good guy, a nice guy.”

“I’d like to wish him a happy birthday, he was always respectful to me! He was good at his job and a great footballer. There was no doubt about that, not even a discussion!

“I could only give him a good name; George was a great guy to work for.”

Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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