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I always wondered if someone was there for her when she died
04 March 2022

Farewell, Queenie

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Queenie was a bit of a celebrity at Norley Hall Care Home, but sadly she passed away in January 2021 at the age of 94. 12-months later her granddaughter joined the team.

Laura, Norley’s new Receptionist Administrator, has had a soft spot for the home ever since Queenie became a resident:

“She came to Norley and she absolutely loved it! Right from the start, she loved every minute of it and all the family were so pleased.”

Unfortunately, like all homes across the sector, the last two years has been a challenge for residents, family and staff.

“It was harder for us not being able to come in and visit. She got Covid and she slowly drifted away. My mum was allowed in as she was an essential caregiver.

“We always wondered if there was someone with her when she died as you’d never wish for someone to die on their own.”

Unfortunately, like all homes across the sector, the last two years has been a challenge for residents, family and staff.

The family knew they were on limited time. One day Laura’s mother left the home at 8 pm and sadly Queenie passed peacefully a few hours later.

Almost a year had passed when Laura decided she wanted a career change:

“I saw the Norley Hall job straight away. I knew I’d love to work there, and I knew the people were nice. It was the first job I got an interview for, and I got the job straight away; my mum always says: ‘that was your nan that!’”

Settling into her new role, she quickly became known as ‘Queenie’s granddaughter’. All the team had special stories, but one was the exact story Laura wanted to hear.

Senior Night Carer, Karl, started working at Norley Hall in 2019 and brought with him 27-years of experience, compassion and hard work. He was with Queenie when she died.

This short story was the closure Laura and her family needed:

The family treated Karl to a £75 voucher:

“I still get upset about it now. You build that bond with the residents and it’s like an extension of your family.

“He was tearing up, even a year on I could tell that it really affected him. It was so nice to know that someone was sat there holding her hand, talking to her and that she wasn’t on her own. My mum suggested that we get him something to say thanks.

“When I received the voucher I felt shocked, gobsmacked actually! I really appreciated it, I never expect to receive anything like this and it’s just nice to know I could reassure the family.”

Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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