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15 April 2024

Eileen's centurion!

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Last weekend, a resident at Lakeside Care Home celebrated her 100th birthday with a homemade cake, her family and a resident’s buffet. Here she is pictured with her friend, Kathleen, who recently achieved the milestone herself!

Moving into the home in 2018 she’s part of the furniture, staff members often marvel at her world map hung on her wall which is covered in drawing pins, each of which is a place she’s visited.

Born in 1924 to parents Fred and Jinney, Eileen had three brothers Alan, William and Harold.

“We had a happy life, a brilliant family and great friends. But having three brothers didn’t mean I was let off lightly! My favourite thing about growing up was being happy.

“I worked as a Civil Servant from 16 to 60, and I married twice George and John – they were both good husbands, or else I wouldn’t have had the second one!

“John loved to travel, and I enjoyed going with him. We used to cruise around the world! I’ve been to many places, the Taj Mahal, Moscow, Hong Kong, China, and even walked on the Great Wall.

“I’ve marked all the places on my map, we’ve used different colour pins and you can see all our journeys it’s great to look back on.

“I’ve got quite a few friends here. It’s just another day for me, but I’m looking forward to getting my card from the King - if I get one!” (She did!)

Eileen Marsden, Resident at Lakeside Care Home

“She’s a ‘proper’ lady, she knows what she likes whether that’s her toast being buttered and crusts cut off or sitting and socialising with other women in the home.

“Eileen’s a pleasure to have at Lakeside, her stories of travel are something we all enjoy and we know she has many happy years she can look back on. We’re delighted to share this amazing moment with her. Here’s to many more!”

Gail Howard, Home Manager at Lakeside Care Home

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