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14 December 2023

Dementia Tour Bus rolls up in Wigan

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Norley Hall Care Home hosted Training 2 Care’s Virtual Dementia Tour Bus which offered the opportunity for an eye-opening experience of dementia.

The team at Norley Hall hired the bus to provide staff, residents, loved ones and those in their community a chance to experience what symptoms of the condition are like.

This scientifically and medically proven method allows people to enter the world of the person living with dementia and gain a better understanding.

It also highlights simple changes that can be made to improve the lives of people with dementia.

“I think it’s been an incredible activity showing people a whole new perspective around dementia. I noted a lot of families who could go on the bus expressed that they had learnt so much from the experience.

“Some families were moved to tears because they recognised the struggle their loved ones go through every day”

Julia Entwistle, Activity Coordinator at Norley Hall Care Home

“I think the bus is a real eye-opener and puts us in the shoes of our residents who live with dementia every day. We can only emphasise the challenges they have. It gives us an insightful perspective on the condition.

“The feedback received from staff and families was great and they’d highly recommend the experience. It heightens people’s awareness and helps them understand how best to approach different situations effectively.”

Kathryn Rimmer, Home Manager at the home

Learn more about Norley Hall Care Home here, and learn more about the Dementia Tour Bus here.

Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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