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13 March 2023

I think the book is pretty much perfect

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Brenda Flavell, a resident at Lavender Hills Care Home produced a book backdating to the first brick laid at the home - she’s been working on it for the past three months!

Supported by Activity Coordinator, Abi, they made the book extra special. After researching the origin of the home as ’The Cliffe’, a Manor House for a local mill owner she researched the last 170 years, speaking to locals and The Ramsbottom Heritage Society, and collating that information together with present-day life at Lavender Hills.

Brenda was thrilled to share how the book-building went:

What made you want to write this book?

“I like this house; I think it’s beautiful and the history of it became very interesting to me. I love the grounds, inside and out and I wanted to learn as much as I could about the history and how it’s developed into the home it is today.”

Brenda Flavell

What did you enjoy about producing the book?

“The more you put in, the more excited you got! We got about five pages in and Abi and I looked at each other and we both smiled because it was taking shape. We got lots of photographs together and we had the perfect amount to fill the 50-page book. We did it an hour a week on a Monday and we’ve got so much done!”

Brenda Flavell

How do you feel now once it’s done?

“I felt really pleased to hand it over because Stacey was blown away and thought it was amazing. I’m quite proud that I’ve done something that’s worked out as a success. I’m really keen about my own family history, and I’ve gone back to the 1590’s, so this was a new project I was keen to take on.

“I never intended it to be much more than a bit of text and a picture of Lavender Hills so people would be interested in the house, and it really has turned out successful and that amazed me. The pictures are so good, I’m pleased with how it turned out and I really enjoyed doing it.”

Brenda Flavell

“Working on this project with Brenda has been so much fun. We set aside time each week to sit with each other planning, researching, and collating and seeing Brenda getting so passionate and excited when we found new things was a joy.

“Brenda said yesterday to a member of staff ‘There aren’t many things in life I have done I can say are perfect, but I think the book is pretty much perfect!’. Hearing what she had said really warmed my heart as I had helped her achieve that and we are both very proud of what she has achieved.

“Keeping this passion and sense of achievement alive is what my job is all about."

Abi Dawson, Activity Coordinator

After handing over her findings to inquisitive eyes, she can’t wait for her next big project.

Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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