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22 November 2022

Boost for Norley Hall Care Home

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On Wednesday, Norley Hall Care Home became the first home in Wigan to receive its autumn Covid-19 boosters.

Residents were ready and waiting for their next layer of protection as the world continues to return to complete normality.

Although restrictions across the UK have been eased, understandably, the care sector still has several restrictions in place to protect some of society’s most vulnerable.

The fourth dose of the vaccine increases both antibody and cellular immunity up to and above baseline peak levels which were observed following the third dose.

On receiving her latest jab, resident Pat Taylor said:

“I’m happy to receive the latest dose, it’s important that we keep ourselves and those around us safe.

“If having it means we’re able to do more of what we love and see our friends and family then that’s good enough for me!”

Pat Taylor - Resident

“I love coming to Norley Hall, this has been my second visit and the staff have been so welcoming, organised, and supportive. It was lovely to see such happy, well-cared-for residents.”

Shirley Smith, Clinical Lead (Covid) for Wigan Borough Federated Healthcare

“We all know how tough the last couple of years have been but for my residents, my staff, and all their loved ones it’s important we stay vigilant.

“We’re in a good place now and I want that to continue, rules are starting to be sensibly relaxed and that means we can take advantage of the great facilities at Norley Hall. We love coming together and we’ve got a great community here.

“To be the first home in Wigan to receive the 4th dose is a huge honour and I’m just delighted as it means we’re getting closer to the end!”

Kathryn Rimmer - Home Manager
Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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