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06 April 2023

An 'egg-cellent' time to hatch

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In the run-up to Easter, Lakeside and Worthington Lake have purchased ethical egg-hatching kits seeing 12 chickens introduced to the homes.

Both homes are working with Incredible Eggs to provide special experiences for their residents.

Incredible Eggs are an ethical provider of high-welfare hatching kits, all of which were delivered to the homes along with 14 chicken eggs.

Following a 10-day process of incubation, hatching and brooding, Incredible Eggs collect their equipment and any birds the homes would like to re-home.

“It’s fabulous, the residents and staff have loved being a part of this process. They were all transfixed as soon as the eggs were delivered.

“This activity has been great to engage our residents and the prospect of keeping a few of the birds is brilliant. It will add to work we already do around pet therapy and, for those who want to, they can help care for them which will provide purpose and countless mental health benefits.”

Gail Howard, Home Manager at Lakeside Care Home

“The purpose is to give this experience to people who want to experience it.

“When the birds hatch they are theirs to keep, but we do take them back as not everybody has the facilities to keep them and we wouldn’t want people to keep them if they haven’t!”

Jodie Firth, who delivered the kit and eggs while providing a tutorial
Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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