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25 January 2024

A sense of belonging

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Sitting with Clifford, for even just half an hour, you’re transported through the decades! He’s lived some life. Stories from wartime Britain, trips to the US or business exploits and successes he’s been there, done that.

Now, at the grand age of 96, he’s the newest resident of Windsor House and there’s a history between him and the home!

“I’ve been here for about a week and I’m finding it very nice. I’ve slotted in very well, and I’m settling in doing nothing! I normally live on my own in a two-bed bungalow, but I’ve been on my own for 14 years.

“30 years ago, it was a good experience, I nursed my mum and dad. I got the summer over with and I hadn’t been on holiday.

“I looked at a few homes in Wigan and Leigh, but every home was full of old ladies! No couples of anything. Then I came here, and I met the most charming lady, she was the most wonderful person.

“So, I brought my dad up to have a look around. They were very happy, they did about 18 months here.”

Fast forward three decades and he’s now getting used to the same room they lived in with views over Windsor’s large garden.

“I do like the people’s attitude here; I was in another home previous to this. Although the people were nice the home had no atmosphere but it’s terrific here!”

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