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30 April 2024

A non-pharmacological approach to care

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As a care provider, Millennium believes in holistic healthcare and utilising a non-pharmacological approach. We want to enhance the quality of our residents’ lives without relying on medical interventions.

We do this across the Group and it’s a theme that will continue at Langtree Care Home. It can involve engaging residents in cognitive and sensory stimulation, encouraging physical exercise, increasing social interaction, and introducing Music, Art and Pet Therapy to name a few.

A study in 2017 by Hazzan et al. found that individuals with dementia participating in weekly Art Therapy sessions experienced reduced anxiety, increased self-esteem and an improved mood. In another study, Cyarto et al. 2012, saw participants in an exercise group showed improvements in cognitive function compared to those who didn’t.

Including these various methods, and looking at new, meaningful and innovative ways, within a structured routine which helps to reduce confusion and anxiety.

A reliance on medicating for dementia isn’t always the appropriate route. Medication can temporarily alleviate symptoms but can hold limited effectiveness, over time tolerance and dependency can increase or users could see side effects.

Symptoms of dementia are complex, there isn’t a ‘one pill fits all’ and unfortunately when it comes to consistent medication access and costs can become a challenge. However, a combination of pharmacological and non-pharmacological within a multifaceted approach can create a unique lifestyle that provides the most benefit.

Each resident cared for by Millennium receives person-centred care and a unique care plan. This involves social prescribing, an approach which links residents with non-medical sources of support and is a component of holistic healthcare.

An important arm of care, we aim to involve residents in groups, activities and exercise but also empower them to take control of their health and wellbeing through various programmes, both with ourselves and our partners. It also complements medical interventions, reduces social isolation and improves mental health and emotional wellbeing, ultimately improving the quality of life.

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