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09 October 2023

A Magical Surprise: A Night Out for Our Care Home Residents

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As part of Windsor House’s recent ‘Just Because’ campaign, the team arranged a special night out for resident Alan after overhearing him reminisce about the good old days.

Alan was sharing with his nephew about how much he missed live music and the atmosphere when he went out, so the team at Windsor House sprung into action to make his dreams come true.

After sharing the news with Alan, he decided he wanted to bring some friends along, so Terri, Joan and Jean headed into town alongside the team at Windsor House for a night to remember.

All the ladies had their hair and makeup done before going out, and Alan also put on a brand-new outfit for the occasion.

The night started off wholesomely, with Alan winning on the bingo, enjoying live music from the 60s, and dancing the night away, while Jean saw people she knew from years ago and caught up!

Joan didn’t do too well at Bingo though; the balls weren’t going in her favour, but she had everyone laughing as she heckled the bingo caller to “Shake them up!”.

Joan had never been to the social club before despite being a local, but enjoyed every second of it and danced all night, whereas Pat had been a member for years: “It’s always a good night out!”.

The group had a fantastic evening, dancing the night away.

The hospitality from the Standish Labour Club was brilliant, the ladies even got some complimentary sherry.

“We’re definitely making it a regular occurrence, the residents have not stopped talking about it, laughing and joking about dancing their hats off to the staff who came and made it happen, enablement and inclusion at its very finest!”

Ffion Caunce, Home Manager at Windsor House

“It was really good. I enjoyed it. It was nice to listen to the music and I won a fiver on the bingo! I’d like to do it again, definitely.”

Alan Fairhurst, Resident at Windsor House

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Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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