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05 October 2023

A Commitment to the Community

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It’s no secret that, as a company, Millennium wanted to do more in 2023 and beyond. More for the communities we’re based in and issues that affect the people and places we care about.

We’re starting to see those positive outcomes, we’ve ramped up our corporate social responsibility – CSR, to be a main driver in the work we do. This has seen us identifying local organisations to partner with, reacting quickly to community needs and supporting staff members when the unexpected happens.

Our CSR Report demonstrates the continued commitment of Millennium Care, this isn’t just a flash in the pan!

As we step into the final quarter of the year we’re pleased to say we’ve supported 14 institutions or organisations and distributed over £13,000 to great local causes but, and of course equally important, created connections and friendships which we can utilise to benefit our residents, staff and the wider community.

Alongside that Millennium has recently become a Gold Patron at Wigan Youth Zone, the charity supports young people from across the borough and we’re delighted to have made a long-term commitment.

The partnership will see Millennium fund projects related to sport and mental health while also offering their young people to benefit from employment, training opportunities and intergenerational activities – something which is also great for residents.

What’s next? We’re proud of the start we’ve made but we can do more, we can be more strategic in our CSR to increase our impact, and we can look at ourselves – how can Millennium improve on a day-to-day basis to support Standish, Wigan, Ramsbottom, the North West and ultimately the world we live in?

2023 has been a step in the right direction for Millennium as we look to have a larger impact on our residents, staff, communities and planet! For more details on our impact, click here.

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