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Model of Care

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family run

Quality care, Tailored for you

Across the Millennium Care group our staff encourage residents to have purpose and to keep active both physically and mentally.

Residents have a say in how we provide our service, they can contribute if, and when, they wish. Activities are at the heart of our homes and we ensure all residents do what they love.

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Promoting Independance

A unique care experience

Adopting a ‘household model of care’ in our newest home, Worthington Lake, it promotes independence and wellbeing.

In a bespoke open plan environment, staff are not confined to uniforms we incorporate our specialist carers into the secure, homely environment. This approach has a number of benefits both for our team and for those living with dementia, creating a real community environment at Worthington Lake. We do not wear a uniform.

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Quality Care

At Worthington Lake, we run the home as a family

In short, we run the home as a family. In a typical day, house members can get up when they want to, have breakfast cooked by a House Assistant and even assist if they want to help. House Assistants are happy to co-operate with residents, allowing them to take part in any day-to-day activities, which maintains a sense of occupation that is vital to wellbeing.

For residents, the relationships formed with staff members means that receiving care is less daunting. It’s more like receiving support from a friend. At the same time, House Assistants benefit from complete flexibility and responsibility in their role. This model will be replicated in our new home, Langtree.

Award Winning

Types of care

Millennium provides respite, residential, dementia and palliative care across seven beautiful, state-of-the-art homes.

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