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Meet our Music Therapist, Beth

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Including therapists to support our homes across the group is fundamental to the well-being of our residents. We have an Occupational Therapist who aims to improve the lives of residents by supporting them in everyday activities. This helps them keep as much of their independence as possible, and reduces the likelihood of developing a preventable injury or illness. We also have a Music Ambassador who implements a person-centred approach to reduce signs of distress for people with dementia and provide opportunities for self-expression and communication with others. 

Meet our Occupational Therapist, Zofia


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Frequently asked questions

What types of care do you provide?

We provide Occupational and Music Therapy. 

What does an Occupational Therapist do?

An occupational therapist helps people of all ages overcome challenges completing everyday tasks or activities – what we call ‘occupations’.

Occupational therapists see beyond diagnoses and limitations to hopes and aspirations. They look at relationships between the activities you do every day – your occupations – alongside the challenges you face and your environment.

Then, they create a plan of goals and adjustments targeted at achieving a specific set of activities. The plan is practical, realistic and personal to you as an individual, to help you achieve the breakthroughs you need to elevate your everyday life.

This support can give people a renewed sense of purpose. It can also open up new opportunities and change the way people feel about the future.

What does a Music Therapist do?

Music is a powerful force that evokes strong emotions, brings back heartwarming memories, and provides a way to express yourself. With this type of impact, it’s not surprising that music can be an effective tool for therapy.

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