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Frequently asked questions

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About us

Who is Millennium Care?

Millennium Care is a family-run organisation which was established in 1993.

What investments do you make at your homes?

Millennium ensures homes receive the investment needed to maintain high standards, this includes a yearly innovation fund which gives homes the power to create positive change.

What do you do around corporate social responsibility?

Millennium is committed to supporting the communities in which they operate and its staff. From supporting local food banks, working with local providers and running staff initiatives to improve wellbeing.

What types of care do you offer?

With five homes in Greater Manchester and Lancashire, Millennium currently offers respite, residential, nursing and dementia care. An upcoming development will also provide EMI care.

Where are your homes based?

Millennium currently has one home in Ramsbottom, three in Standish and one in Wigan.

How to start

Looking for care

What is a care needs assessment?

Conducted by local authorities to determine what care and support a person needs, a care needs assessment provides recommendations on how and what care should be provided. A needs assessment is free and if you or a loved one is considering moving into a care home you should contact your local authority.

When should someone move into care?

Moving into a care home may be the best option if the person is struggling to live alone and manage day-to-day, even if they get help from family, friends and paid care workers. They may not eat properly, have an increasing number of falls or be deteriorating quickly.

Whose choice is it?

It’s the proposed resident’s choice, but there are a few scenarios where it is somebody else’s such as, the proposed resident doesn’t have capacity, a serious mental health issue or they don’t have capacity.

What should you look for?

- Location

- Quality of the facilities

- Friendly staff

- Access to nature

- Accessibility

- Cleanliness

- Happy residents

All about

Pricing & fees

Who pays for care?

In England, if you have capital of more than £23,250, you will have to pay for your own care. If you have less, you can get financial support from your local authority. This support varies between counties, the care needed and there are also some other benefits available.

Do relatives have to pay for care?

You are not legally required to pay for a family member or relative’s care unless you have signed a contract agreeing to do so. When a local authority assesses whether they should pay towards a person’s care, only that person’s share of any joint assets and savings are considered.

What are top up fees?

Family members, or chosen third parties, can pay top-up fees which enable their loved one to live in a specific care home that a local authority considers too expensive.

How much are your homes?

Our homes vary in price. This price also varies on the level of care the proposed resident will require, unfortunately, we can’t tell you what that is until your preferred home has assessed you.

Additional Costs

Some extra services within our homes will require small fees. For example, these could include but are not limited to, luxury salon services, chiropodist treatments and purchasing of certain products. Please ask your preferred homes about these charges


Our new residents

How do you help residents settle?

Everyone responds differently when moving into a home, at Millennium we provide welcome boxes with some treats, useful information and of course our amazing staff will get to know you to make our home your home from home.

Do you have specific visiting hours?

Each home may be slightly different but generally, you can have visitors whenever you want and you don’t have to book. We only ask that people try and avoid mealtimes – or let us know if that’s when people will be arriving.

What are your activity provisions?

Person-centred activities are so important across Millennium. Each home has an Activity Coordinator who works tirelessly to deliver exciting, engaging activities for residents.

How much independence do residents have?

You can have as little or as much as you want. We encourage residents to live life like they want – whether that’s a walk around a home’s grounds, helping out with the gardening or having s quiet read. It’s your home and your time.

Can I decorate my room?

We want you to make yourself feel comfortable, we have some amazing Maintenance Men at our homes who will happily help to get your room just the way you want it!

Are pets allowed?

As long as they’re friendly and don’t disturb other residents they’re more than welcome.

What happens

In the future

Can I change care homes if I'm not happy?

If you or a loved one have moved into a care home but feel that you struggle to settle in, you don’t like it or it’s not the right fit you can change care homes. Make sure that you have read the terms of your contract to avoid any issues.

What happens if needs change?

Every person’s needs are different we would assess the resident’s needs before they arrive however as and when needs change, we would accommodate that within our home.

If we can’t accommodate the needs any more, we would support and encourage the resident to move to a more appropriate home.

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