The Rawsthorne Retreat

Bringing people together with the Rawsthorne Retreat. Shared between our Lakeside and Worthington Lake Care Homes, this high-specification facility provides a safe and secure visitation environment for our residents and their loved ones.


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Booking your visitation appointment

  • Please put the resident’s name in the notes section
  • Maximum of 3 visitors at a time
  • All visitors are from the same household to abide by government regulations
  • Visitors do not exhibit any symptoms of Covid-19 and have not been in contact with anybody with the virus
  • Visitors will enter the visitation lodge before our resident and will leave after them. No meeting outside the lodge/lingering for their safety
  • When you arrive for your visit, please report to the main care home entrance.
  • Please only book one visit per week, per household. This means that other people will also be able to meet their loved ones.

What is the Rawsthorne Retreat?

The Rawsthorne Retreat is a high-specification outdoor facility situated between both our Lakeside and our Worthington Lake Care Homes and can comfortably seat up to 4 visitors. We want to encourage that our residents and their loved ones can reunite during the times of Covid 19 without the compromise of safety.

Keeping you and your

 loved ones safe


  • Separate entrances for residents and visitors
  • A fully-sealed Anti-Reflective Perspex room divider that provides safety without the need for PPE
  • Air-conditioning and heating systems for comfort
  • Interated amplification and hearing loop communication system
  • Automatic Sanitisation System used between each visit to prevent risk of contamination

Our Vision

We wanted to create a safe space where residents could get together with their loved ones safely and securely, particularly during the difficult times of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

For the Millennium family, our aim is to look out for your family – because you care, we care. That’s why our number one priority is the health and wellbeing of our residents, visitors and also our staff.

The Story behind Rawthorne Retreat

Rawthorne Retreat was created out of necessity during the Coronavirus Pandemic, to give our residents and their families a safer way to be together. But it’s so much more than that – it’s freedom, it connection, it’s security.

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