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06 February 2023

Pram strolls into Worthington Lake

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Worthington Lake welcomed an old silver cross pram after it was kindly donated to the home by Jan Rossington, a generous member of the public.

For years, the team have recognised the positive impact therapy dolls have for those living with dementia.

Due to the positive impact these dolls had, Home Manager Kim and Jade Gill, Senior House Assistant decided to appeal for a stroller to introduce into the home.

Jade posted on Facebook asking if anyone had one for sale or would be willing to donate, and that’s when Jan Rossington stepped in.

Jan contacted explaining that she had a beautiful pram that had been stored in her loft for over 30 years and was more than happy to donate it to a good cause.

Residents Marjorie and Jean love the therapy dolls and were thrilled to see the new addition.

“What a gorgeous pram! My little girl (therapy doll) is going to love this.”

Marjorie, Resident at Worthington Lake

The use of therapy dolls can bring great benefits to those with Dementia. It has therapeutic benefits such as relaxation and pleasure. Residents can get enjoyment by just holding the life-like doll; It can trigger memories and create pleasant feelings of reminiscence or affection.

It has also been proven that the therapy dolls can be helpful with those who feel anxious, distressed or restless, and has shown to help improve their well-being and ability to communicate.

“In my last home, we utilised therapy dolls and it was great to see the positive impact they had on residents’ lives. We had one lady that went from being quite stationary to walking her doll in its pram every morning which helped her physically as well as emotionally.”

Kim Jones, Home Manager

We’re excited to see what stories will come of these dolls now they’ve got a new set of wheels!

Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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