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05 June 2023

Harmonious send off for care home resident

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A family have donated a piano to Worthington Lake care home in memory of their late mother.

Marjorie Gee sadly passed away earlier this year while living at Worthington Lake Care Home and, as a token of the family’s appreciation for the care she received, they presented her piano to the home.

An avid pianist, Marjorie played in churches for many years before sharing her talent with those at the home.

Upon receiving the piano, Worthington Lake held a small ceremony with Marjorie’s family, residents, and staff.

The home has added a plaque to the piano which reads: In loving memory of Marjorie Gee. I’m going to heaven just like the thief on the cross who said in that last moment “Lord, remember me”.

“The quality of care for everyone is amazing; staff know the residents well and go above and beyond to meet individual needs.

“We can’t thank the staff enough for their individual and personal care and commitment. They make a real difference to people’s lives.”

Michelle Speak, Marjorie’s daughter

“The piano has brought a lot of joy to the home. We’ve learnt that we have so many other residents that can play the piano, so I wasn’t going to let the piano donation go without saying thank you.

“We’re sad to have lost Marjorie, but we know her memory will live on.”

Alisha Bromley, Activity Coordinator at Worthington Lake
Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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