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03 February 2023

Care Employer of the Year Award

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Worthington Lake Care Home has been awarded Employer of the Year by Logistica, a tailored fully funded accredited training solutions provider.

All the staff completed a Learning Difficulties Level 3 course whilst also completing a secondary training course covering issues including dementia care, falls, safeguarding training and nutrition.

The assessor from Logistica, Oneil Bashir, was pleased with the way management dealt with staff to complete the training on time and was impressed with the support and involvement that was demonstrated to help staff get through the course.

Oneil nominated Worthington Lake Care Home for Logistica’s Employer of the Year Award.

“As a team, we like to be more proactive and ensure our staff are well trained in all areas, including new courses.

“He was very impressed with our approach to taking the initiative in training and has requested for us to continue more training courses after building a solid relationship on first impressions.

“Oneil felt so welcome in the home and has even requested to do more training with us.”

Kim Jones, Home Manager

“I’ve been assessing for many years, and I’ve been treated very well at Worthington Lake. I felt like an employee, I was free to come and go without any hassle; the home was amazingly accommodating. Kim was very supportive, and the whole team were great, always professional.

“The management is brilliant, staff adhere to rules and, impressively, all of the learners who are still employed passed which is an amazing achievement.”

Oneil Bashir, Assessor from Logistica
Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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