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Bills Birthday
06 November 2023

Bill Celebrates 100th Birthday

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A retired Sergeant Major celebrated his 100th birthday with family and friends at a care home in Standish.

Lakeside Care Home wanted to commemorate the remarkable milestone with a surprise party.

Bill Clarkson, an army veteran, enjoyed a special day out with family and friends before returning to the home.

“Bill is so happy and serenades us all daily – something that runs in his blood as he’s told us that his mother was a great singer and pianist!

“It’s only fitting to send many happy returns in the form of a celebration for our Bill. He’s lived an exciting, varied life and he only deserves the best.”

Gail Howard, Home Manager at Lakeside Care Home

Bill’s lived life to the fullest, travelling the globe with various visits and placements in the Americas, Europe and Africa. When asked where he would like to go next, he said:

“The next big thing would be to go to the moon.”

Bill’s father worked on the railways before he became a Sergeant in World War One, following his footprints he started his Army career as a Weapons Training Instructor before quickly rising to the rank of Sergeant Major – learning Swahili along the way!

It was an experience he thoroughly enjoyed, and he was proud to walk down the streets in his uniform:

“The girls admired a man in uniform!”

Quick to impart his words of wisdom, Bill shared his secrets:

“The secret to a long happy life is to keep singing, keep swimming and to travel, see the world, educate yourself on the places you’re going and learn about different cultures.

“I’ve met so many nice people, I’ve been very lucky and the bad people? Well, I just gave them a kick on the way!

“I’ve done so many amazing things that I don’t have any highlights, they’re all daylights.”

Now settled at Lakeside Care Home, Bill said:

“I love being at Lakeside, I like the staff here and all my friends. The staff make a good cup of tea with a biscuit, and I can’t be without a biscuit!”

“It was a wonderful afternoon celebrating Bill’s big birthday and we’d like to say thank you to everyone at Lakeside for sorting everything out.”

Ben Gill, Bill’s Grandson
Kathryn Barton
Written by
Kathryn Barton
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