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I love this amazing little place
25 February 2022

I love this home it's an amazing little place

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“I love this house, the people who are in it whether its staff or residents are amazing. It’s an amazing little place for anybody.

"As a home, we’re only a small team. We have a team of five seniors, six care staff, a domestic, a maintenance man and two cooks. “For a long time we were short staffed, and throughout this, everyone has pulled together and mixed and matched the roles.”

Kath, Interim Manager at Windsor House Care Home

Glowing words spoken by Kath, Interim Manager at Windsor House Care Home based in Wigan. Our final Millennium Super squad inductee comes with a slight twist: the whole home has been nominated to represent Windsor House! When visiting it’s clear to see how passionate, modest and selfless the staff are.

Kath had nothing but lovely things to say about everyone in the home and explained to us the level of teamwork involved in the dedicated team:

“All the staff have their own personalities which just works well; we always come together as a team. Everyone gets on and everyone is happy to cover any shift that they can.

"Each role is flexible and our team are multi trained for example, our Laundry is also trained as a Carer. It’s not like everyone has a rigid role.

"Covid threw out its own set of problems where we became quite isolated through the nature of what we were doing, being a care home, and we then had to become friends and family members to our residents to a certain extent due to visitation restrictions.

"We covered each other’s shifts, if people went off sick because we wanted to keep the home safe. We help each other out and we genuinely are just a family within the home."

Kath, Interim Manager at Windsor House Care Home

Like all the sector and all our homes, the last two years has been a challenge.

Kath couldn’t praise the staff at Windsor House enough, this is why she decided to nominate the whole team to join the Millennium Super Squad. Finalising the team with a bang!

"The team are amazing in my eyes, we’ve gone through so much with Covid, being short staffed and a loss of a Registered Manager and have still managed to keep the resident’s spirits up. “I can’t say that any one person has done any less or any more than another. They’ve all covered and helped each other.

Kath, Interim Manager at Windsor House Care Home
Kathryn Barton
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Kathryn Barton
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