William Alan Rawsthorn spent over 30 years working as a local Wigan police officer now retired and living at Lakeside Nursing home in Standish William remembers Lakeside being a Naughty boys home many many years ago.

William born in 1931 lived through WW2 as a child before going in to National service at 18, when leaving National service William decided he wanted a career in the forces, at 20 years old he joined the police force in Lower Ince Ince Wigan in 1951.

William spent 12 months in Lower Ince before moving to Golborne and Shevington.

“ Every day was different, I’d start at 2pm and had no idea what was going to happen between 2pm and 10pm, I was there for the Miners strikes and the riots in Liverpool but as a police officer you have a very special bond with your colleagues that never goes, you look after each other.” – William say’s.

William tells the story of how he was given the nickname Handlebar Harry, this came from the children in the area laughing at his police bike and the handlebars on it, the name stuck with him for many years and even today people call him Harry.

We are looking for anyone who might remember William or Handlebar Harry to come and join us at Lakeside, we would love to set up a retired policeman’s group as we love reminiscing about the olden days in Wigan with William.

Please get in touch with clare@millennium-care.co.uk