Do you know Handlebar Harry?

Do you know Handlebar Harry?

William Alan Rawsthorn spent over 30 years working as a local Wigan police officer now retired and living at Lakeside Nursing home in Standish William remembers Lakeside being a Naughty boys home many many years ago.

William born in 1931 lived through WW2 as a child before going in to National service at 18, when leaving National service William decided he wanted a career in the forces, at 20 years old he joined the police force in Lower Ince Ince Wigan in 1951.

William spent 12 months in Lower Ince before moving to Golborne and Shevington.

“ Every day was different, I’d start at 2pm and had no idea what was going to happen between 2pm and 10pm, I was there for the Miners strikes and the riots in Liverpool but as a police officer you have a very special bond with your colleagues that never goes, you look after each other.” – William say’s.

William tells the story of how he was given the nickname Handlebar Harry, this came from the children in the area laughing at his police bike and the handlebars on it, the name stuck with him for many years and even today people call him Harry.

We are looking for anyone who might remember William or Handlebar Harry to come and join us at Lakeside, we would love to set up a retired policeman’s group as we love reminiscing about the olden days in Wigan with William.

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Lakeside Nursing home work on ‘Edenising’ their home with vision boards

Lakeside Nursing home work on ‘Edenising’ their home with vision boards

Lakeside Nursing home work on vision boards to make changes to the way their home provides care after being inspired during a three day Eden Alternative training programme.

It was Bill Thomas who introduced the Eden Alternative in 1991 which would change care forever, the Eden Alternative is based on the core belief that ageing should be a continued stage of development and growth, rather than a period of decline.

Lakeside Nursing home staff have values and a vision that will positively change the home promoting independence and  companionship whilst scrapping the traditional care home rule book.

This week Lakeside held a vision board workshop where every member of staff in the home from the Chefs in the Kitchen to the Management came together to design what they would want in a home, putting themselves in to the shoes of an elderly resident coming in to care what would they want to bring, everyone chose six things that are important to them in every day life mostly including holidays, comfort, relaxing in a nice bath and many more things.

The vision board process consisted of everyone having paper, magazines, glue and scissors so they were able to visually create what they wanted in their ideal care environment, this process will be repeated with the residents of Lakeside care home and all vision boards will come together to create a plan for the home.

Lakeside staff have the mindset of ‘why not’ everything is possible and just because you’re in a care home you don’t have to give up what matters to you in life whether that be pets, holidays, meals out, your own bed or a relaxing bath; it’s all possible.

Debbie Cank Manager at Lakeside Nursing home say’s – ” It’s important to all of us here at Lakeside that when someone comes in to our home that they feel at home, that they are able to still do the things they have always enjoyed and we don’t take away that sense of independence, following Eden training we have all come together with a plan to do what we can to make sure nobody living at Lakeside ever feels any of the plagues of old age, we want a home filled with laughter and happiness.”

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THERE were ‘neigh’ problems for residents of Lakeside care home

THERE were ‘neigh’ problems for residents of Lakeside care home

As part of a therapeutic activity session, Lakeside care home in Standish, Wigan, had a visit Oscar the donkey from Bleakholt animal sanctuary. Oscar visited the home with a few of his farm friends a goat and a family of baby chicks.

Oscar is the oldest of the Bleakholt donkeys. He is the only large grey donkey and he is very proud of this fact. He loves to pose for the camera as you can see.

During their visit, the animals spent time in the communal areas as well as individual bedrooms so that all residents, regardless of ability or mobility, could enjoy meeting and stroking the animals.

It might look like a lot of fun but animal therapy is said to have serious health benefits like lowing blood pressure and stress levels.

Manager Debbie Cank said “It’s not every day you get a Donkey wandering through the home,The residents just love it and staff do too.

“We love seeing their faces light up and the enjoyment they get out of it.”

As well as being fun and interesting, animal therapy is also hugely important for residents as it’s relaxing and can be a very social activity.

Following the visit from Oscar and his friends Lakeside care home loved the visit so much so the home booked another visit from Home Safari where they had a visit from a wide range of animals including Jasmine the Skunk, Bernard the Rabbit and many more bundles of soft fur.

May a resident at Lakeside said “Oh they’re lovely, all so lovely.”

Lakeside care home welcomes anyone in need of residential care, including those living with dementia. Residents are offered a full programme of regular and seasonal activities, as well as 24-hour access to highly trained medical and care staff.

The goals of a pet therapy program can include:

  • improving motor skills and joint movement
  • improving assisted or independent movement
  • increasing self-esteem
  • increasing verbal communication
  • developing social skills
  • increasing willingness to join in activities
  • improving interactions with others
  • motivating willingness to exercise

Other benefits of pet therapy include:

  • making you happier, lessening depression, and improving your outlook on life
  • decreasing loneliness and isolation by giving you a companion
  • reducing boredom
  • reducing anxiety because of its calming effects

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Lakeside Care Home Manager introduces employee engagement strategy with vision and values workshop

Lakeside Care Home Manager introduces employee engagement strategy with vision and values workshop

Lakeside Care Home Manager starts 2019 by introducing a new employee engagement strategy with vision and values workshop

Lakeside care home in Standish kick-started the year with a vision and values workshop, interactive exercises and a hands-on vision board brought all staff together at Lakeside care home to bring healthy closure to 2018 and a start to the new year with new roles and new plans that reflect everybody’s values.

A new training and development programme was discussed during the workshop which has now been introduced into the home.

Staff members at Lakeside are welcome to research courses they would find of value to the home and these will be funded to encourage personal progression.

Vision and values are a great foundation for future growth. But you need passionate people to make them real and that is something Lakeside certainly is not lacking in, all staff showed such passion for their home and want to continuously improve Lakeside for residents and their families.

During the workshop some new roles were established which will be voted on and put in place over the coming Month these roles will be the ‘champions family’ which will include the following roles;


  • The Loving Champion – taking a lead on engaging our residents through positive interactions with humans and animals including pet therapy
  • The Community Champion – establishing links with Lakeside and the wider Standish and Wigan community.
  • The Spontaneous Interaction Champion – taking a lead on an exciting concept which encourages every passing opportunity with residents to be filled with engagement, excitement, and
  • The Reminiscence Champion – providing opportunities and resources to encourage reminiscence interactions.
  • The Safeguarding Champion – taking responsibility to ensure that our residents are safe and well looked after.
  • The Infection Control Champion – being the home’s lead on all matters relating to infection control.
  • The end of Life Champion- to care for residents who are coming to end of life and support families ensuring as much for them can be done as possible
  • The Sleep/ Rest Champion- to ensure all residents are getting a good night sleep and rest throughout the day
  • The Medication Champion- taking responsibility for medication checks.
  • The social Inclusion Champion- to ensure activities and events are person-centered and every resident is included in one way or another.

Debbie Cank Manager at Lakeside says “It’s been a strong and motivating start to the year, we want everyone at Lakeside to have a voice and know that their voice will be heard, we want to move the home forward and with the new Champions family and training and development programme I feel we have an exciting year ahead of us at Lakeside.”

The passionate team at Lakeside have been busy planning many upcoming events since the workshop including a Valentine’s tea dance, home safari visits as well as some bigger events for the summer.

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Lakeside Nursing home host design plan evening with Hayden Furnishings

Lakeside Nursing home host design plan evening with Hayden Furnishings

Lakeside Nursing home host a design plan evening with Hayden Furnishings

Millennium care and Lakeside Nursing home came together with Hayden Furnishings last week to host and evening full of interior design, champagne and canapes.

Lakeside Nursing home in Standish, Wigan are planning to revamp their over a century old building by giving residents and their families the choice of what they would like each room to look and feel like with many samples to choose from.

Hayden Furnishings and Millennium care came up with many design options along with fabrics to match, accessories, colour schemes and interiors to match the beautiful woodland surroundings and picturesque Worthington Lake views.

On Friday 16th November the evening started at Lakeside with a glass of champagne on arrival, guests where then drawn to the samples of beautiful bespoke furniture.

The aim of the project is to deliver an environment that is bespoke, comfortable, admirable and inspiring for all residents and visitors to the Standish Nursing home.

Mood boards, fabrics and chairs were set in to four themes to match the environment, these were Woodland Reds, Lake Blues, Willow Greens and Primrose Yellows.

Woodland Blues were a favourite amongst residents with one super soft blue fabric being very popular as the samples were passed around.

Design Plan evening

Families and residents at the design plan evening

Questionnaires were filled in as people left, they enjoyed giving their feedback on personal choices, most commented on how beautiful all of the furniture was and can not wait to see the home when it is finished.

It’s not too late to have your say, some moodboards are still on display in the conservatory at Lakeside Nursing Home.

Lakeside also took the opportunity to introduce Alison Pendlebury as the homes new Activities co-ordinator

Alison is designing a tailored and person-centered schedule of activities with a holistic approach to delivery.

The new activities programme will be in place during the lead up to Christmas including a creative Christmas Fete on 9th December from 1:30pm.

Alison will be bringing meaningful, entertaining and inspiring activities to Lakeside.

For more information on the plans for Lakeside or information about the home please don’t hesitate to get in contact call 01257 422931 or email






Lakeside Vacancy – Finance Administrator

Lakeside Vacancy – Finance Administrator

Finance Administrator (Temporary)

We are looking for a Finance Administrator to join us at our Nursing Home on a temporary basis to cover a period of sickness. The home is a beautiful building, set in four acres of beautiful gardens  overlooking Worthington Lake in Standish, Wigan. Situated only a short drive from the M6 and M61 motorways, the home is in an ideal location for commuters in the surrounding Lancashire and Greater Manchester areas. The home has a great reputation in the local community and is also part of a larger, well-respected group of care homes in the North West.

The ideal candidate will be a self-starter, organised and will have an exceptional eye for detail. They will also be able be adaptable and be able to pick up where someone else has left off due to the nature of this post.

Duties of the role will include:

  • Responsible for all elements of monthly payroll using the home’s in house system and processing wage values through Sage.
  • Ensure supplier payments are paid on time and recorded appropriately.
  • Invoice to and liaise with a variety of fee income sources, ranging from local authorities, health organisations and individuals.
  • Building and developing relationships with suppliers to agree the best terms and ensure supply contracts are maintained in line with agreed precedents.
  • Assist in the formulation and implementation of the home’s management information systems, collating and forwarding occupancy data to the head office.
  • An ability to make commercially viable and informed decisions when lasing with suppliers.
  • Working closely with the manager in implementing legislatively compliant human resource policies and assisting with the recruitment process of care home staff members.
  • An ability to use and understand a variety of computer based systems, namely Microsoft Office.
  • A problem solving approach to any issues which may arise.
  • Be involved in the design and administration of an evaluation of the administrative and financial service provision.
  • Work and operate the business in a cost efficient manner, being responsible for working alongside the manager in adhering to budgets, revenue generation and cost control.
  • Creating and ensuring that all employee files are compliant with the companies procedures.
  • Carrying out DBS checks and ensuring satisfactory references are received for new starters.
  • Assisting with elements of employment law i.e. seeking advice from our 3rd party employment law consultants, taking minutes at meeting, preparation of correspondence.
  • Reception duties.
  • Any ad-hoc duties the Manager or Directors require of you.

Essential skills and attributes of the successful candidates will include:


Full working understanding of Sage Payroll and Accounts packages

Experience using the Microsoft Office package, in particular Excel and Word

Understanding of financial reporting

Satisfactory DBS check and ISA check

Ability to communicate effectively at all levels

Genuine interest in working in a caring environment with the elderly

Professional Manner


Previous experience of working in a similar role within a care home setting is desirable but not essential.


If you think you have the right skills and experience for this role, please apply with your CV.

Or contact Syma at

Midwives at Lakeside as baby Chicks are born

Midwives at Lakeside as baby Chicks are born

Lakeside care home welcomes fluffy new arrivals


At Lakeside nursing home in Standish, residents and staff have carefully looked after five chick eggs in hope they would hatch in to baby chicks and become part of the family at Lakeside and they have not been disappointed.

The eggs hatched on Thursday 12th April amazing everybody at Lakeside as the cute bundles of soft yellow fur entered the world. Residents have been waiting in anticipation over the past few weeks, spirits are full of the joys of spring at Lakeside nursing home now they can watch their baby chicks play and look after them.

For Betty one of the residents at Lakeside, the hatchlings brought back fond memories, as she used to raise chickens on her farm before she retired.

Lakeside have included the wonderful creatures in an animal therapy session for the residents which has gone down a treat, residents are happy as the chicks fall asleep in their hands as they’re gently petted.

Marion a resident at Lakeside said “Oh they’re wonderful, they just sit in your hand looking up at you it’s so sweet.”

Lakeside held a naming ceremony after the chicks had settled in the next day, everybody at lakeside chose a name which went in to a hat that were then chosen by five residents as each chick was brought out to be named, starting with the first born chick now named Brett, the second chick named Brian, third Peacock, fourth Otto and the fifth Theo.

Tracey the Manager at Lakeside said “The baby chicks have proved a big hit at Lakeside and they have put smile’s on everyone’s face’s, the chicks have become a part of the Lakeside family, our residents love them and we look forward to collecting eggs from them when they’re a bit older.”

Lakeside hold pet therapy sessions regularly as most residents had pets as part of their families growing up, all sorts of pets have been known to join in the sessions even a tortoise.

For more information on Lakeside nursing home call or email Tracey 01257 422 931

Lakeside Nursing home, Chorley Rd, Standish, Wigan WN1 2XN