Brookdale care home -The Care Team you would ask Santa for.. after winning UK Award

Brookdale care home -The Care Team you would ask Santa for.. after winning UK Award

The year’s biggest achievements in the care sector have been celebrated at the Caring UK Awards and Brookdale care home are proud to have won Care team of the year 2018 at the UK awards ceremony.

The evening was held at Leicester Athena where The Caring UK Awards welcomed everyone and congratulated them on their achievements.

Brookdale care home were finalists for care team of the year after being nominated earlier in the year and interviewed during a visit to the home.

The award recognises people who make an exceptional contribution to the quality of life, health and happiness of residents  and  all people they support.

At Brookdale the sense of community is evident the minute you walk through the door, not only do the care team support each other there is a strong family atmosphere throughout the whole building, care team members often come in on their days off to take residents out as well as organising day trips for larger groups of residents including a recent trip to Knowsley safari park.

When Brookdale became finalists for the Care Team of the year 2018 award the team and residents were overwhelmed with Joy at just being finalists.

A long journey to Leicester was planned for the big night on 6th December, attending were a number of staff from the care team at Brookdale including Haylee Team Leader and Beth Care Assistant as well as Head office team from Millennium care UK including the company Director.

When the award for the care team of the year was read out on stage the team were tense and also skying Team Leader Kaitlin who could not make the evening, the winner was announce and the whole team were beaming with excitement including Kaitlin who was at home in her Pjammas waking her entire house at 11pm.

Residents at Brookdale care home are also over joyed the home were awarded the care team award.

Jessie Dewhirst a resident at Brookdale said “It’s Excellent, they deserve it so much, the loyalty to everyone here is fantastic, well done to the whole team”

Haylee Delefield Team Leader said ” I was so excited, the team deserve it so much.”

For more information on Brookdale care home call or email:

0161 797 7160

Brookdale care home award winners


Lavender Hills care home win at national awards 2018

Lavender Hills care home win at national awards 2018

Lavender hills activities team thrilled as they walked to the stage to collect their award at the Great British care awards 2018




Nickie Brooks and Gaynor  Hall, who work as Activities and lifestyle team at Lavender Hills Care Home part of the Millennium care group received the gong at the Mercure Hotel Manchester last Saturday.

Inspiring the judges with their dedication to delivering an individual, personalised activities programme to each of their residents every day, they stood out against competition across the region.

The Great British Care Awards are a series of regional events throughout England and are a celebration; of excellence across the care sector.  The purpose of the awards are to pay tribute to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding excellence within their field of work.

Nickie and Gaynor Provide a daily range of Activities as well as larger community events to the Ramsbottom care home along with their helpers Mia and Elsie 5 and 3.

since joining Lavender Hills earlier this year, the atmosphere has become exciting and the lives of residents has never been better.

Lavender Hills have been featured in the press for many amazing events this year including a resident couple Margaret and Bill who celebrated their Diamond wedding with a party at Lavender Hills with a 40’s theme , Mary’s 100th Birthday was filmed by channel 4 which was later filmed by BBC one as she flew a plane over the home fulfilling one of her dreams.

Many of the events during 2018 at

Lavender Hills have had the support of Jake Berry local MP with letters of congratulations.

Nickie and Gaynor are currently working on a number of projects in the community including a project that will bridge the generation gap in the local area involving schools in the community.

Lavender Hills are holding a Christmas Fete this Saturday and the local community of Ramsbottom and Rossendale are coming together to support the fete by showcasing their businesses with stalls at the Fete, the Fete will also feature a 10ft tall snow globe with disabled access so each and every resident can have a winter wonderland experience with a photographer taking shots for them and their loved ones to cherish.

Helen Inman manager at Lavender Hills says:

 “We are thrilled we have won this award, we are so lucky to have an amazing team who go above and beyond to ensure our residents get the best quality of life at Lavender Hills.”

For more information on Lavender Hills please get in touch

Lavender Hills care home,

Stubbins Vale Rd, Ramsbottom, Bury BL0 0NP



Millennium care believe in independence and Living Life to The Full

Millennium care believe in independence and Living Life to The Full

Millennium care

committed to raising standards and delivery of care that goes above and beyond ensuring residents enjoy the exciting and stimulating lifestyle they deserve without compromise – our ethos is living life to the full.


Millennium care currently operate 6 homes across Lancashire offering Nursing, Residential, Respite and Dementia care. Millennium care are due to open this Month their latest addition to the Millennium care umbrella Worthington Lake care home, Standish Wigan.

Worthington Lake has been designed around a ground-breaking model of dementia care which allows people living with Dementia to be able to live as independently as possible encouraging them to be empowered and to make their own decisions.

The fundamental belief of the household model of care is that people living with dementia can thrive well in a nurturing environment, which in turn reduces their anxiety and stress levels which also improves their wellbeing.

A change of routine and environment can be very daunting for someone who’s living with dementia. 

Worthington Lake enables greater freedom for people living in the home to do more for themselves and feel less restricted.

It is Millennium care’s mission to make this sense of person identity flourish at Worthington Lake.

Millennium care have spent an extensive amount of time and investment researching and creating a pioneering environment and working to incorporate an emotion driven care team in all of their homes.

Recently one of Millennium care homes Lavender Hills based in Ramsbottom were featured on BBC one and North West tonight following one of their residents flying a plane to mark her 100th Birthday, this was organised by Millennium care and Lavender Hills as Mary expressed a keen interest in aircraft which stems from her late husband being in the RAF during WW2. Mary said flying the plane over Lavender Hills was one of the best days of her life, this is a perfect example of the ethos of living life to the full.

Mary Flies plan at 100

Mary flies plane at 100

Click here to see Mary fly 

Staff in Millennium care homes are trained to provide the very best person-centred care.

While dementia care has a history of being task orientated and institutionalised, Millennium care sees a total transformation in the way people with dementia are cared for, with a focus on their emotions, and replicating home-like environments and everyday activities they enjoyed at home as a family.

Features, layouts and facilities at the new Millennium home Worthington Lake help maintain residents’ quality of life, improve working conditions and provide a better care culture for residents, staff, and visitors alike. The central hub of the home is designed to be engaging and inviting, kitchenettes encourage residents to participate in activities and transform each meal to a participatory social dining experience.

The built environment and interior design of Worthington Lake is focused on enabling residents with dementia to be as independent as possible by using the latest research to design the care home in a way that maximises positive effects where possible.

There has also been great focus on providing meaningful activities and opportunities for residents.

As many of Millennium care’s residents will have spent much of their lives taking part in household chores, to continue these in a care home environment can be calming for a person with dementia, which in turn gives a sense of purpose and fulfilment. Worthington Lake’s unique design includes kitchenettes in each dining room, with facilities to make drinks and snacks, set tables for meal times and a washing machine, this design helps maintain personal identity.

Millennium Care only works with highly skilled individuals. Staff get ongoing training to keep them up to date with the best practices across the care spectrum. With specialists in every area – from dementia care to nursing care – we can provide a truly innovative approach to care.

Write to us at: Millennium Care UK Limited, Lavender Hills Care Home, Stubbins Vale Road, Ramsbottom, Lancashire, BL0 0NP. Telephone: 01706 285 221 or Email: |

Marley court Nursing home welcome new Activities coordinator

Marley court Nursing home welcome new Activities coordinator

New Activities coordinator develops a programme of activities suitable for all residents at Marley court.

Elaine says “I am very excited to start my new role as activities coordinator; this role is very much me. I will make it fun and engaging for all residents. My aim is for residents at Marley court to be excited when they get up the morning.”

In 2014 after working in education for 15 years Elaine decided she wanted to work in care where she could make a difference to the lives of our elderly community, Elaine started working at Marley court where she worked her way up to being senior carer over 4 years.

Elaine hasn’t even started her new role yet and has already made plans for a brass band to visit Marley court, a Halloween party and a Christmas Pantomime where she plans to invite the local community to come together bridging age gaps.

Elaine says “I won’t leave anybody out and aim to provide a bespoke activity programme to each resident, we have one lady who has gone blind but she loves singing and dancing, I have plans to take her to a singing and dancing evening where she can fully enjoy herself.”

Plans are already made to have monthly celebration parties where at the end of each month Marley court will celebrate the birthdays of all residents in that month, these parties will be themed each month with a different twist to keep the excitement going with talks of starting with a 1940’s theme as many of the residents love the music and style of the era.

Other plans for activities include a visit from a brass band, movies nights and visits from local children bridging the generational gap in the community.


For more information about Marley court or the new activities programme please get in touch with Bev on  01257 226700 or


Thank you Team Brookdale!

Thank you Team Brookdale!

Brookdale care home Bury want to thank these young teens for their amazing support in the comminuity.

Teenagers across Bury have been giving up their summer holidays to raise money for good causes in their community Brookdale care home Bury as part of the National Citizen Service (NCS) programme.

One group made up of 15-17 year olds decided to organise fundraising activities, with all money raised going to help those who suffer from Dementia, this NCS team choose Brookdale care home in Bury as the place in the community they would like to help as Brookdale have a specialist Dementia unit named Cherry Blossom house.

The group of teens got together to brain storm which triggered some fantastic ideas for Brookdale and how they can help their residents with Dementia.

The group started with a football match where they charged people to come and watch, from the sale of tickets they decided they had enough to revamp part of the garden at Brookdale that leads out from the garden lounge which is often used by residents to relax where they can enjoy peaceful sounds through the surround sound speakers.

The NCS group now named Team Brookdale sketched a plan for the garden and even studied how they could make it Dementia friendly by developing an understanding of the condition, the team quickly gained knowledge of the importance of gardens and how it increases especially as we get older, as a place to relax and recover, as well as receive multi-sensory stimulation from the environment.

Team Brookdale were determined to give Brookdale care home residents a garden they could enjoy and not just in summer, they decided to make it seasonal rotational, so the garden would benefit from colour all year round with different flowers and plants growing in different seasons.

Richard Riley from NCS said “It’s so nice to see these teenagers getting so involved within the community, they have such passion to give something back and it’s heart-warming to watch. They have been getting to know the residents at Brookdale care home in Bury and have developed bonds with the residents there, they’re doing a great job in revamping the garden for the residents to enjoy all year round.”

Ian holt a resident at Brookdale said, “It’s such a good idea and it promotes friendship, It gives the children something to do in the summer holidays, I’d like to see a herb garden like I used to have growing up then I can grow mint and other herbs.”

Team Brookdale group took Ian’s suggestion on board and have created a mini herb garden, so Ian can enjoy the garden like he used to back at home.

After bonding with the residents at Brookdale the group decided they wanted to go a step further and do even more for the residents they have grown so fond of, so they decided they wanted to find a way to get all the residents out on a trip without Brookdale having to hire coaches or relay on other forms of transport like they usually do.

Another brain storming session sparked ideas of a fund raiser for a mini bus, they would start the next day in the Rock, Bury town centre and charge passers by 50p to throw a wet sponge at any member of the team or £1 for 3 throws.

The team got up the next day and headed to Bury town centre where they spent the day being hit with wet sponges, but it was all worth it if they were helping their friends at Brookdale care home.

Tracey Leverton Manager at Brookdale said “It’s amazing what these young people are doing for Brookdale, they have made all these decisions on their own and bonded with our residents, it’s so lovely and we can’t thank them enough. We have had plans for the garden, so it’s worked so well, when they finish it we will be doing a grand revealing to our residents and their families as they can now all enjoy the great outdoors leading from the garden lounge.”

Tracey continues “We are planning to change the garden lounge in to a bistro garden room and make the most of the outdoor space which will fit perfectly with what the NCS team are doing, next summer we will have a play area for kids, so all the family can sit together when our residents loved ones visit. We can’t wait to see the result it’s already visually striking. Thank you NCS.”

Joseph Child one of the team members said, “We’re enjoying giving back to our community and the residents at Brookdale, we raised the money for the garden by having a football match and then went to buy bulbs and plants with the money, I’m learning so much.”

NCS team gardening at Brookdale

NCS team at Brookdale care home

Brookdale care home in Bury is part of the Millennium care group, after learning of the work and dedication the team have for Brookdale care home Millennium care have organised to donate 1.5 times what the group raise for Brookdale to charities NCS support to give something back to them.







Norley Hall Nursing home hosts garden party in honour of veterans

Norley Hall Nursing home hosts garden party in honour of veterans

Saturday 30th June Norley Hall celebrated Veterans day with summer garden party!

Celebrations to mark Armed Forces Day were a big success at Norley Hall, Staff planned a fun-filled day which included entertainment, a singer, homemade afternoon tea made by the inhouse chef, refreshments, raffles, games and special entertainment for children.

Paula Finance administrator at Norley Hall went a step further as she put her head in the stocks for people to throw wet sponges at her throughout the day, many people took great pleasure in ensuring the sponges didn’t miss. Paula say’s “It was good fun and all for an excellent cause, someone went a bit too far and tipped the whole bucket over me but I’d do it all again.”

As it was a very warm sunny day Norley Hall put up a gazebo to provide shade to their residents, families and the local community along with providing cold beverages throughout the day.

Everyone had a fantastic time at the garden party especially Norley Hall’s very own WW2 Veterans who everyone saluted after a few words to commemorate Veterans day.

Irene a veteran resident at Norley Hall said “Oh it was fantastic”

Irene’s daughter Carole Latimer said “The things they do at Norley Hall, it’s marvellous I can’t praise them enough, my mum was in the land army and she had such a fantastic time celebrating veterans day at the garden party, the effort Joan, Janet and all the staff went to was amazing, they made sure there was a lot of shade for my mum, lovely music was played by an artist and they came round with wine, afternoon tea, sandwiches and all sorts. There was a lovely friendly atmosphere me and my husband stayed all afternoon it was that good. The trouble they always go to, it’s amazing!.”

The dress code for the garden party was to wear a hat which was a good dress code with the resent scorching temperatures, ladies

wore their best hats and gentleman wore caps which protected them from the sun.

Children very much enjoyed the garden party and especially enjoyed the new Norley Hall ice cream parlour in the garden where they could enjoy an ice cream and then have a game of bowls with the Norley Hall residents, Norley Hall have recently come together with the local community to bridge the generation gap and have plans to work closely with their local school St Cuthbert’s in the near future which will involve regular visits between the school and the home, both residents at Norley Hall and the school children enjoy learning from each other, activities will include crafts, knitting and reading clubs.

Joan Stonehouse Manager at Norley Hall said “It was a lovely day, well received by everyone who came and a great way to say a big thank you to our veterans.”

Millennium care UK moved a step closer to completion of new Worthington Lake care home in Wigan, with an Official Topping Out ceremony with a difference on Monday 11th June.

Millennium care UK moved a step closer to completion of new Worthington Lake care home in Wigan, with an Official Topping Out ceremony with a difference on Monday 11th June.

The ceremony marked completion of the build overlooking Worthington Lake in Standish, Wigan which is a highly specialised home for people with dementia, the final brick was placed in to Worthington Lake care home by councillor Keith Cunliffe.

Once completed Worthington Lake will be one of the first homes in Greater Manchester and Lancashire to have attained the coveted Stirling University Gold accreditation for excellence in dementia design principles making it amongst one of ten in the UK. It has been reported that there has been a 70% reduction in falls and improved behaviours for people living with dementia in an environment that has been sensitively designed for their needs.

The design of Worthington Lake has been created to specifically empower its residents to retain independence through the involvement in their daily routine, unrestricted access to secure outdoor sensory spaces and supervised kitchen facilities so that residents can be actively involved in the preparation of their own food.

All the partners involved within the scheme have been working hard to reach this significant milestone in the project timetable.

Steve Fishwick Director of Cranberry construction said “I’ve worked with Millennium care UK for over 20 years now, we at Cranberry construction are very proud to be associated with Millennium care, the level of detail in the design of Worthington Lake just shows the passion they have for dementia design and getting the most out of a building for the end user.

Worthington Lake has been an exciting project from the start and I have been the main contact throughout the build process, I can safely say this is the next step in dementia care, I have worked on many care homes in my time but nothing to this level, Worthington Lake is the future in dementia design. This is also the first time I have been actively involved in a topping out ceremony of a building I have worked on and it has been an absolute pleasure.”

Len Andrews from Jennings Design Associates say’s “Millennium Care are facing and reacting to the challenge of increased cases of Dementia in an aging society they are in the process of expanding and futureproofing their care homes starting with Lakeside Nursing Home in Standish. Building on their exemplary care principles Millennium Care endeavour to provide dementia friendly design in their care home settings.

Together with Architects Jennings Design Associates Millennium care have developed their design brief in partnership with Stirling University dementia Services Development Centre, to create a new care home which incorporates dementia design principles forming a safe secure and therapeutic home for their future residents.

As specialist Architects JDA understand that a well designed environment would give residents improved safety and care while allowing for greater freedom and independence. The new home will help to investigate ways to aid memory and reinforce personal identity and wellbeing for all residents.

Millennium Care plan for this project to be the start of many others.”


The Topping out ceremony was celebrated the Dutch way which means a flag is hung once the highest point of a building is reached. It stays in place until the building’s owner provides free beer and cake to the workers, after which the flag is lowered.

Two of the workers from Cranberry construction went up on to the roof to fly a flag proudly displaying Millennium care homes in hope they would be provided with a beer and a slice of cake and they were not disappointed, cheers were had as a freshly baked cake displaying the Millennium logo, muffins and a cold beer were presented to them at the end of a long project.


Notes to Editors: About Millennium care UK

Founded in 1997, Millennium Care UK Ltd is a family owned business specializing in dementia, nursing, residential and respite care across 6 purpose-built sites across the North West of England. The company’s mission is to provide the highest standards of care, and a modern, spacious environment located in a tranquil and picturesque setting

Write to us at: Millennium Care UK limited, Lavender Hills Care Home, Stubbins Vale Road, Ramsbottom, Lancashire, BL0 0NP Telephone: 01706 285 221 or Email

Twitter: @millennium_uk


About Worthington Lake

Opening in October this year highly specialised home for people with dementia with state of the art design and interiors sat by the beautiful Worthington Lake. The design of the care home has been led by pioneering academic research in to the therapeutic benefits a well built environment.

Twitter: @WorthingtonLke