Visitations Begin at Brookdale Care Home

Visitations Begin at Brookdale Care Home


Brookdale staff, residents and family members celebrated the opening of Covid-safe visitation lodge, The Rainbow Retreat on 21st December – just in time to reunite families for Christmas!

The Grand Opening of the new high-spec lodge was a spectacular celebration with live music, festive drinks and snacks and smiles all around as visits with loved ones began!


It has been a long time coming for families and friends to be able to visit their loved ones again in a warm, safe environment where they can simply sit back, relax and catch up.

Named by family members on a Facebook Poll, The Rainbow Retreat has been named to reflect the symbol of hope throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and this certainly is a time when that hope comes into fruition – as families can once again meet with their loved ones without sacrificing safety.

Friends and families with loved ones staying at Brookdale can book visits by calling the designated phone number to our team – 07943 663 083.



Lakeside care home introduce Stimulake

Lakeside care home introduce Stimulake

What is Stimulake at Lakeside?

At Lakeside care home we are using Sensory stimulation every day in our home, we do this by using a range of materials and activities that can help awaken your loved one’s senses.

This technique is especially beneficial for people who have memory-related conditions such as dementia, or people regaining their abilities after a stroke.

Sensory therapy uses everyday objects and gentle activities to help to trigger memories and lessen the feeling of isolation and can be calming and enjoyable for elderly people.

At Lakeside we are using many different ways to stimulate residents, these include-

  • Sensory therapy
  • Reading
  • Music
  • Reminiscence therapy
  • Reminiscence sights and sounds
  • Massage and treatments in our wellness room
  • crafts and games
  • Writing
  • Hobbies and pastimes
  • Outdoor activities and exercise
  • spontaneity
  • Pet Therapy



Sensory stimulation could be something as simple as talking about where you grew up, what your childhood was like or taking a step further and revisiting an area, this week Winnie who is a resident at Lakeside care home spoke fondly about her memories of growing up in the local Wigan area, Ash our Activities and Wellness co-ordinator decided to take Winnie on a trip to re-visit the area where she was born in 1925.

The sights, sounds and smells of the local area, brought back so many memories that sparked many conversations throughout the afternoon, including how Winnie and her siblings had to use an outdoor WC which would have been very cold in Winter.


Lakeside Therapy Room

Here at Lakeside care home we benefit from a Therapy room, giving residents the opportunity for an activity that is free from cognitive demands enabling them to feel relaxed and entertained.


What our residents say

Louis say’s ” The activities have proved to be an outstanding success, not only have they improved my life, but also the people surrounding me.

One of the many things I have gained is making friends and social interaction. I look forward to going to the activity room and participating in various activities. We are always doing something different and create an atmosphere of pleasure, smiles and laughter.

Ash our Activities Co-Ordinator is continuously thriving to improve the quality of our lives externally and internally.


Derek say’s “I feel that the activities at Lakeside have gone a long way in improving both my general and mental health.”

For more information on our Stimulake programme email , alternatively you can keep up to date by following us on social media








Care Home Workers Surprised with ‘Perk Packs’ Over The Festive Period

Care Home Workers Surprised with ‘Perk Packs’ Over The Festive Period

From our carers to our cleaners, our nurses to our cooks – workers at all our Millennium Care Homes are being surprised each week in the lead up to Christmas with bags of gifts.

Millennium’s Head Office, Beth and Katie (AKA Santa’s Little Helpers) have been delivering Millennium staff ‘perk packs’ to each of the 7 care homes in Lancashire.

Throughout December, staff will be surprised with a different pack each week. The packs range from the first week’s pamper pack to more practical items such as toiletries and household cleaning products. This will release the burden of buying such items, meaning staff will have more money for Christmas and spoiling themselves adn their loved ones.

We recognise that it’s been a tough year for our care home workers and this is just one of the many ways we can give back to them for all their hard work in supporting the homes and our residents. We’re very grateful for all the incredible people who work in our care homes and the commitment they have shown particularly throughout the pandemic.

“Throughout December we have provided the staff with weekly perk packages which have included a mixture of essentials items, pamper products and luxury food items.”


“As a Company we felt this would not only provide some ‘goodies’ and merited recognition for our teams, but also alleviate some of the stress that shopping for essential items throughout December can bring; allowing staff to focus their home time indulging in some well-deserved rest and spending quality time with their loved ones, after what has been an extremely difficult year.”


“The packages have been well received by staff, with many saying it has made them feel extremely valued and appreciated especially as many have friends working for other care companies who have not received anything as thoughtful, or even in some cases nothing at all.”


-Katie Salisbury, Group HR Manager

Merry Christmas to all the our employees at Millennium Care – we look forward to a new year working with you all in 2021!

Lavender Hills Care Home

Marley Court Nursing Home

Worthington Lake Care Home

Delightful Delivery for Marley Court

Delightful Delivery for Marley Court

Residents at Marley Court were delighted with the delivery of handmade Christmas cards from local schools.

There were smiles all round last Thursday as residents opened handmade cards from year 7 students at Albany Academy. Then we were surprised with even more beautiful Christmas cards on the Friday, from Class 5 at St George’s Primary School.

This is an incredibly lovely and touching gesture from these schools and it was heartwarming to see the smiles this put on our residents as they read the kind messages wishing them a Merry Christmas. Just take a look at all the beautiful smiles in the video below!

If you would like to send a Christmas card to residents here at Marley Court, it would be amazing and definitely be a special surprise for our residents. You can send then to our home – Marley Court, Bolton Rd, Heath Charnock, Chorley PR7 4AZ or alternately email with a message.


Norley Hall care home bring some festive cheer with Visitation lodge opening

Norley Hall care home bring some festive cheer with Visitation lodge opening


Residents at Norley Hall care home in Wigan have come face to face with their loved ones for the first time since the start of lockdown almost ten months ago.

Until now, relatives had been keeping in contact with their elderly family members via Facebook Portal calls.

Norley Hall opened their safe visitation lodge named Rivington View by residents on Friday 4th December with a magical Christmas wonderland theme with Christmas trees, lights and decorations surrounding the home.

Resident Brenda Thomas was the first to meet her daughter Kay for the first time since March.

The Rivington View lodge is vital in allowing care home residents to visit their family and loved ones during the pandemic without compromising safety. It gives back to residents that feeling of connectedness during the pandemic and the ability to see a familiar face from the outside.

Speaking to ITV News ahead of her visit, Kay Kilgallon whose mum, Brenda, is a resident at Norley Hall care home, said: ” I really want to say on behalf of the family a massive thank you to all the staff at Norley Hall for keeping my mum safe throughout the pandemic.

I’m sure it has not been an easy task. I want you all to know it has not been taken for granted, we are very grateful. Each and everyone at Norley Hall are angels in our eyes and nothing is too much trouble, thank you for reuniting us with mum..

Resident Brenda Thomas said – “It was beautiful, I have missed my family and a visit is all I wanted for Christmas”.

Millennium Care are rolling out the visiting lodges to all homes across Lancashire.

Manager at Norley Hall Ian Taylor say’s  “We have ensured that residents have used virtual communication methods to keep in touch with their loved ones, but residents needed that face to face contact. We had a residents meeting where we asked what everyone would love for Christmas this year, the answer was the same throughout the home and that was to see families and loved ones in person.

It has been amazing to make this wish come true, Since opening Rivington View lodge on Friday bookings have been filling up fast.

We are working hard to ensure every resident at Norley Hall will have the opportunity to see a family member in the visitation lodge before Christmas.”

If you have a loved one staying at Norley Hall can book your visits online


If you or a loved one needs care and support, especially during the ongoing pandemic, please do not hesitate to reach out to the home about staying at Norley Hall. You can call 01942 224334 or email 

Norley Hall residents and families brought together with opening of covid-secure lodge

Norley Hall residents and families brought together with opening of covid-secure lodge

Norley Hall care home in Wigan announce completion of their Covid secure lodge named Rivington View.

It has been a hard 10 months during the Coronavirus Pandemic, with families being kept apart for their own safety. It’s made people realise more than ever how important it is to stay connected with their friends and families.

That’s why we are thrilled to share the news about the new visitation lodge, Rivington View which is set to open will this Friday 4th December with bookings now available from Monday 7th December.

Residents at Norley Hall care home Wigan and their families are preparing to meet for the first since lockdown in their new Covid secure visitation lodge – Lovingly named by residents, the name is inspired by the wonderful views of Rivington Pike from our home, a place of great meaning to many of us.

Rivington View is Fitted With Key Safety Measures, Keeping you and your loved one safe during the pandemic without the need to wear PPE for a more comfortable, relaxed visit.

  • Separate Entrances For Residents And Visitors
  • Fully-Sealed Anti-Reflective Perspex Screen Divider
  • Air Conditioning And Heating Systems To Ensure The Optimum Temperature
  • Integrated Amplification And Hearing Loop Communication System
  • Automatic Sanitisation System To Prevent Risk Of Contamination



The grand opening will also be featured on Granada Reports tomorrow evening from 6pm.

If you have a loved one staying at Norley Hall can book your visits online here:


If you or a loved one needs care and support, especially during the ongoing pandemic, please do not hesitate to reach out to the home about staying at Norley Hall. You can call 01942 224334 or email 




Windsor House Manager Shortlisted for Esteemed ‘Manager of The Year’ Award

Windsor House Manager Shortlisted for Esteemed ‘Manager of The Year’ Award



Windsor House

We are thrilled to announce that our very own Kathryn Disley, who manages Windsor House in Wigan, has been shortlisted for the prestigious award of Manager of the Year at the Great British Care Awards.

As Manager, Kathryn has worked tirelessly to ensure that Residents at Windsor House care home live the best life that they possibly can. She constantly explores new ways to improve their environment, their wellbeing and their interactions with others.

The Manager of the Year award goes to a Manager who shows vision in developing person centred care and supporting staff to meet the ever changing needs of residents in the home.

The purpose of the Great British Care Awards is to pay tribute to those individuals in the care sector who have demonstrated outstanding excellence within their field of work. The finalists attended a virtual meeting last month where they were interviewed by several judges who themselves work within the care sector. The results will be announced at a regional gala dinner in April with the winners securing a place at the national awards.

This is a tremendous achievement for Kathryn and a fantastic recognition of her hard work and commitment to Windsor House. In particular, her efforts to keeping the home a safe space during the pandemic for both residents and staff alike.

Kathryn say’s  “I feel extremely honoured to be nominated for the Registered Manager’s Award and was more than surprised when I got word that I was shortlisted for the finals, it wasn’t expected at all.

I absolutely love managing Windsor House, coming to work every day feels like visiting a relatives house, so homely and warm, I can only explain it is like getting a huge hug from a friend and in a time when hugs feel so far and few between, I wouldn’t choose to be anywhere else right now. The nomination has certainly lifted the spirits of an already very happy care home.”

Kathryn continues “I have tried my very best over the last 2 years to bring some well deserved recognition to this fantastic team, they are doing some amazing things and it needed shouting from the roof tops, I truly feel that Windsor House is absolutely on a par with the larger environments and hopefully this is evident now. The foundations were always there, it just needed building on and we are now certainly on the ‘outstanding’ map.”


Kath Purnell senior carer say’s “The environment is so welcoming, it makes me proud to come to work.’

Steph Martindale, activity coordinator say’s “Kathryn always puts residents of Windsor House first and nothing is too much trouble, I feel supported with activities and it’s great to see, I’m so glad she has been shortlisted for this award it is very well deserve, well done.

Kathryn is a very interactive Manager who loves nothing more than to sit and chat with each of the residents that we care for at Windsor house. Her aim is that each and every resident feels like part of the Windsor House family.

She is very cheerful and positive and leads by example, to deliver the highest standard of care possible.

For more information on Windsor house visit

Windsor House – 01257 421325

Keep up to date with Windsor House on Facebook