Residents Gather to Watch Visitation Lodge Landing

Residents Gather to Watch Visitation Lodge Landing

Last Friday, The Rawsthorne Retreat officially landed here at our Lakeside and Worthington Lake Care Homes, and what an exciting moment it was! Residents and staff from both homes gathered to watch as the visitation lodge arrived and was placed between the homes.

Safety is paramount for The Rawsthorne Retreat – with measure including two entrances, a perspex room divider and an automatic sanitisation system ensuring that residents and visitors can enjoy their visit without worry.

The retreat has been much-anticipated for both the Millennium Care Homes. It means that care home residents will finally be reunited with their loved ones safely in the midst of the Covid pandemic and the Lockdown. It’s a symbol of hope for our residents and their families to be together again.

The grand opening of The Rawsthorne Retreat is scheduled for Thursday 20th August, with family visits starting from Friday 21st. Families with residents at Lakeside Care Home and Worthington Lake Care Home will be able to book their visits online.

The response from the visitation lodge has been tremendous and the Millennium Care family are overjoyed at the prospects that The Rawsthorne Retreat brings to our care home residents and their families. This is very much a happy occasion for all, amidst these trying times.