Coming Soon to Lakeside & Worthington Lake…

Coming Soon to Lakeside & Worthington Lake…

Millennium Care will soon be reuniting our residents with their loved ones following the Coronavirus Pandemic

It had been a hard few months during the Coronavirus Pandemic, with families being kept apart for their own safety. It’s made people realise more than ever how important it is to stay connected with their friends and families. That’s why we are very excited to share about the new visitation lodge coming to our Worthington Lake and Lakeside Care Homes very soon!

Named The Rawsthorne Retreat after one of our very own residents at Lakeside (ssh, that parts still a surprise!) – we can’t wait to see the changes the lodge brings to both our care homes and the opportunity it brings with it. Already, our care home managers Kim (Worthington Lake) and Gail (Lakeside) are full of exciting ideas and we can’t wait for all the fun activities the lodge will bring for our residents.


Of course, the most important opportunity that the Rawsthorne Retreat will bring to both care homes is for families to visit residents. It’s never easy being away from loved ones and every moment counts. Which is why we want to help bring families and friends together in a secure environment that they can be assured will keep their loved one safe.

The Rawsthorne Retreat is fitted with key safety measures including:

  • Separate entrances for residents and visitors
  • A fully-sealed Anti-Reflective Perspex room divider that provides safety without the need for PPE
  • Air-conditioning and heating systems for comfort
  • Interated amplification and hearing loop communication system
  • Automatic Sanitisation System used between each visit to prevent risk of contamination

Family is important, especially during these trying times. Therefore, our new visitation lodge couldn’t come at a better time. The team at Millennium Care are excited to see where this new development takes is and how it helps to better encourage closer connections for our residents with their loved ones and community.

Discover more about The Rawsthorne Retreat here.