Outstanding CQC feedback for Windsor House and Norley Hall Care Homes

Outstanding CQC feedback for Windsor House and Norley Hall Care Homes

Outstanding CQC feedback for Innovative Windsor House and Norley Hall Care Homes


Two of Millennium Care’s homes have recently been praised for their innovative approach to caring for the elderly at their Windsor House and Norley Hall Care Homes in Wigan having been given an Outstanding rating for being Responsive from CQC.


Norley Hall care home and Windsor House care home have been praised, commenting that ‘Wellbeing was at the heart of both the home and the provider’s vision’ in addition to ‘People received exceptionally personalised care which met their needs and wishes’. The report also commented on the home working hard to ensure that residents goals and aspirations had been met and how they had empowered a retired fire chief to achieve his goal by going back to work for the day.

Commenting on the success of the report, Ian Taylor, Manager at the Norley Hall stated, “the team here have all worked really hard towards our current CQC rating and we are all truly proud of our achievement.

We put the residents at the forefront of everything we do and that to me sums up being Responsive.  Pat Taylor, the resident spokesperson for the home had said that “I feel safe at Norley Hall, nothing is too much trouble for the staff, and they all work really hard.”

Elaine Lunn the activity coordinator at Norley Hall had recently been selected and won an award for the 2020 Millennium Care Heroes Award’s activity coordinator of the year.

Windsor House had also been praised for its visionary approach to innovative care with well-being being at the heart of the home. The report also commented on a number of well-being projects, including ‘Lego Therapy, exercise sessions and worked in conjunction with the charity Playlist for Life and Eden Alternative, to improve people’s experiences of care and life at the service. The service also worked with an organisation who provided volunteers to work with people on a regular basis. The volunteers were matched with people depending on their interests to provide meaningful engagement in activities’.

Both reports commended on how the homes strive to create meaningful lives for those that live in a care setting and how well led they both are. Commenting on the home’s successful report Kathryn Dysley, registered manager of Windsor House expressed her joy at ‘We have all worked so very hard to help achieve stimulating and meaningful lives for each of our residents, we continue to help dreams come true, with positive and joyful outcomes for all. All the team strive for outstanding results, we are at our happiest when our residents are smiling and having fun, our little house homes a family and we are all a very important part of that family’

The kind and compassionate culture of Windsor House has recently led to Kath Purnell from Windsor House being awarded the Resident Nominated Carer of the Year award and Ilze Boski received the ‘Gem’ award for her long-standing service, at the recent Millennium Care Heroes Awards.

Well done team Windsor and Norley Hall!

For more information on Norley hall care home visit https://www.millennium-care.co.uk/norley-hall-care-home/

For more information on Windsor House care home visit https://www.millennium-care.co.uk/windsor-house-care-home/


Music & Dementia at Worthington Lake

Music & Dementia at Worthington Lake

From the moment we start growing music impacts our lives and influences our thoughts and feelings. Even before we develop speech, we understand music and its many rhythms, this continues onto later life when we begin to lose our abilities to speak.

At Worthington Lake Care Home in Standish, we encourage our residents to enjoy and connect once again to their favourite music. As you can see from the photograph, our resident Barbara is happily listening to Queen as a spontaneous activity, with not a care in the world!

Music and Dementia

Music is a powerful tool we use to help communicate with our residents, as music can be engaging with the people that live with us.

Music reminds them of happy memories and events in their life, calming them and in turn making them easier to communicate with and it helps them to connect more with our house assistants.

The science behind music therapy is really quite fascinating. The music that our Residents once listened to are triggering a part of the brain that is untouched by the affects of dementia, this then helps our residents to remember things they enjoy, memories they may have had and they are able to communicate with our helpful staff.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to using music to help care for someone dementia; if for instance, someone who lives with dementia is in need of settling or going through a stage of anxiety or distress, at Worthington Lake Care Home in Standish; music is one of, but a powerful intervention. This has been scientifically proven to have calming and relaxing effects in addition to lifting mood and evoking happy memories.

Other benefits are:

  • Music encourages our Residents to open-up to our staff.
  • Music helps our residents to express their thoughts and feelings.
  • It can reduce the feeling of isolation that someone with dementia might feel.
  • It helps to get our residents in the mood for a sing and dance, which then encourages exercise and getting about the care home.

Taken from a post from Alzheimers.net, this quote perfectly sums up the response Musical therapy has on people diagnosed with dementia:

“Perhaps most encouraging, some residences are actually seeing a reduction in the need for psychotropic drugs, which carry with them a set of problems all their own.”

What to be aware of

Sadly, some music can trigger very upsetting memories that may be in our Resident’s mind. To fight these bad thoughts and feelings, our fully trained staff make sure that they only use music that the Resident is fond of. Each resident at the home has a playlist. This is built and developed by having an understanding of their life histories and which songs and music resonated with them at key moments in their life and at specific eras. We use this, combined with innovative approaches to technology as part of our approach to a wellbeing orientated model of care.

We love that our residents at Worthington Lakes Care Home, are able to reconnect with their glory days through music. We encourage all of our staff to listen along as well, as you never know, they may enjoy it too!

For more information on Worthington Lake Care Home in Standish, visit our website www.worthingtonlake.co.uk.