Lavender Hills experienced the whimsy and wonder of an Alice in Wonderland themed-tea party

Lavender Hills experienced the whimsy and wonder of an Alice in Wonderland themed-tea party

Alice in wonderland came to Lavender Hills care home based in Ramsbottom to perform the most magical of plays for residents whilst they enjoyed a mad hatters themed tea party.

The tea party was served at Lavender Hills on the terrace lounge on chequered Mad Hatter’s table which was heaving with sweet treats, including cakes and chocolates with the words ‘Eat Me’, naturally, there were mini Victoria sandwiches.

The home was decorated with Alice in Wonderland characters, teapots and bunting. Getting in the spirit, residents wore bunny ears and took selfies with props.

Each resident of Lavender Hills care home were greeted by the Mad Hatter himself, Alice with a basket full of goodies, the white rabbit dressed in top hat and tails with a pocket watch and the grumpy Queen of Hearts.

Visitors came from as far as the border of Scotland and London after being invited to the whimsical tea party and play.

Bill Thompson brother of Lavender Hills resident said “It was absolutely excellent, it was well worth the journey from Carlisle, I’ve been invited to the

Halloween show in October so I will be back for that!

John Thompson said “It was so entertaining and I love how nobody was left out.”

Beryl a resident at Lavender Hills say’s “It was Super Dooper, the best thing I have ever seen.”

Harold another resident say’s “It was Magnificent, the dresses were equally magnificent.”

Residents of Lavender Hills enjoyed the performance so much they want to set up their own acting group to perform their own play later in the year.


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Thank you to just imagine UK for coming in to Lavender Hills and making our day magical.

If any family members would like to leave a review for Lavender Hills via the link we would be extremely grateful as this means everything to our hard working team, Thank you!!

Norley Hall set sail down the scenic Leeds and Liverpool canal

Norley Hall set sail down the scenic Leeds and Liverpool canal

Norley Hall residents excitedly set out on their day trip along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal on Tuesday for a day to remember.

The sun was shining, picnics were on board and everyone was in great spirits.

Elaine Lunn Activities Coordinator, said “It was lovely and peaceful slowly cruising down the canal, it was lovely to see everyone relaxed and taking in the sights and smells of the canal and its beautiful rural surroundings. We all had lunch on the boat and a singalong, we will be talking about this trip for weeks.”

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Windsor house have enthusiastically embraced Community Circles and won outstanding award from Wigan council

Windsor house have enthusiastically embraced Community Circles and won outstanding award from Wigan council

Windsor house have enthusiastically embraced Community Circles and won outstanding award from Wigan council.

The community project is managed by Activities Coordinator Collette Smith and Manager of Windsor House Kathryn Disley, the enthusiastic duo are determined to make the care at Winsdor house as person centred as possible and describe the home as small, family orientated and very cosy.

Both Kathryn and Collette like working in the environment of a small home which they believe makes it easier to be person centred. Kathryn say’s “You are able to spend more quality time with residents, you are able to sit with people and make relationships and with families and significant others.”

Collette has recently been recognised for her dedication and hard work as an Activities Coordinator by Wigan Council after recently winning an Outstanding award as well receiving recognition form Martin Routledge CEO of Community Circles who has been so inspired by Collette after visiting Community hub meetings in Wigan he has asked Collette to represent care in Wigan at the Annual circles meeting in Manchester at the end of this month.

Following the amazing recognition Collette won £200 for the Activities fund at Winsdor House, the money will be spent on a trip to Blackpool illuminations for all of the residents and community circles volunteers.

Volunteers at Windsor house have been matched with residents based on hobbies and interests, Gladys a resident at Windsor house used to be a seamstress and spent her working life sewing rain macs, Gladys hadn’t sewn for a number of years and wasn’t sure if she would still be able to but was keen to find out.

Gladys has been matched with a volunteer, 16 years old Eve who brings her sewing machine to Windsor house for a few hours each week, Eve and Gladys have developed a lasting relationship and very much enjoy creating garments together using the sewing machine.

Collette is looking at ways to keep other residents connected to things they love and has a list of activity ideas she is working through.

Elsie a resident at Windsor House has said that she would like to go dancing and watch some crown green bowling, Freda enjoys baking and playing dominos, John liked the idea of board games and darts which are now enjoyed in the home regularly, other requests were a green house, table tennis and flower arranging classes.

All requests are in planning including the opening of a green house this summer where any keen gardeners at Windsor House will be able to grow some beautiful flowers and their own fruit and veg.

John loves dogs and used to breed dogs as well as regularly show and judge at competitions. John has been matched with with Valerie who also used to show dogs and together they have lots in common. John is enjoying chatting to Valerie about their experience and common love of dogs.

The community circles connector Cath Barton says,

“The success of developing community circles at scale within care homes is dependent on the culture of the home, the commitment of the lead person and the support of the Manager”.

“The lead person needs to be flexible, creative, keen to make a difference for people, supportive and appreciative to the volunteers. Colette has all these qualities in abundance and is a pleasure to work with.”

Collette has many exciting events planned at Windsor House including a sports day with two other care homes in the area, the homes will come together and use the beautiful garden at Windsor house to compete in traditional sports day activities including the egg and spoon race.

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Lakeside Nursing home welcome Julie to the team as Clinical Lead Nurse

Lakeside Nursing home welcome Julie to the team as Clinical Lead Nurse

Lakeside care home welcome Julie Arrowsmith to the team as new Clinical Lead Nurse.

Julie comes from a 35 year career in the nursing and caring industry with experience in a variety of settings, including 14 years as Director of Nursing services, Nurse assessor and a Care Home Manager.

Julie says “I always wanted to be a nurse from the age of just 6 years old, when i left school i started training as a nurse at age 16.

My dream was to become a district nurse and care for people in their homes, i fulfilled that dream very early on in my career when i became a district nurse in a small rural community, sometimes client confidentiality was difficult as everybody knew each other, when i would stop for a sandwich at lunch time people would chat to me about who i had been to see that morning.

I have some great stories from my district nursing days including when i had to run from cows in a field and climb over 5 bar gates to visit one of the local farmers.

I’ve brought in ladies washing from the line, lit coal fires and made many cups of tea, it was lovely as i got to know each and everyone of my patients personally.

I came in to the care industry when district nursing changed, it became more office based and that’s not me.

Lakeside has given back what i feel is my passion and vocation in life and that is to care, to get to know the people i am caring for, becoming part of their life.”

We are all very excited to welcome Julie on board who will be an integral part of the team here at Lakeside Nursing home.