Worthington Lake announce Grand Opening with a 1940’s street party

Worthington Lake announce Grand Opening with a 1940’s street party

Worthington Lake care home announce grand opening with a difference.

On Saturday 9 March Worthington Lake will open as a care home in Standish Wigan and celebrate the truely bespoke 32-bed home which will offer true person centred dementia care.

The build started in July 2017 and has been designed with Sterling univeristy, Worthington Lake is on track to receive coverted Gold Award in Dementia once open and will be one of only a handful of care homes in the UK to do so.

The built environment and interior design of Worthington Lake have focused on enabling residents with dementia to be as independant as possible.

The Grand opening will be held on the grounds of Worthington Lake with a 1940’s street party style celebration leading up from the drive way to the home where MVT Militery vehicles will be parked outside the home in support of the homes opening.

Entertainment will be in full swing with songs of the era.

Come along to see the truely bespoke home and enjoy going back in time to 1940’s.

Visit www.worthingtonlake.co.uk

Email Clare for more details clare@millennium-care.co.uk or visit us on Facebook Worthington Lake

Frosty the snowman makes an appearance inside Marley court Nursing home this morning

Frosty the snowman makes an appearance inside Marley court Nursing home this morning

Marley Court Nursing home have been busy with snow this morning as they wake up to a blank canvas.


Elaine Write Activities co-ordinator at Marley Court decided that she would make the most of the snow and as the residents of Marley court were not able to go out and enjoy the snow like most of us she would bring the snow to them.

Elaine canceled her activity for the day as she headed out with a bucket and shovel to collect snow and bring it into the residents of Marley court Nursing home.

Elaine say’s “It was supposed to be Dignity day today and we were going to make paper flowers to mark the occasion but I thought to myself this morning when I saw the snow why can’t we enjoy the fun that comes with snow in the warmth of our lounge, it was too cold to take residents out in the snow so I decided to bring the snow in to them.”

When Elaine first took the snow indoors many residents thought it was fake and Elaine had made it when they touched it and realised it was real their faces lit up.

Peggy Martindale a 94yr old resident said: “Oh I used to love throwing snowballs at boys when I was a young girl.” Peggy writes everything in her diary and said she will be busy this eveing writing about the days events.

Norman another resident at Marley court had just got up and still in his dressing gown decided to make a snowball and throw it at Elaine creating laughter around the room.

Elaine and the residents decided to build a snowman using a carrot for the nose and raisins for the eyes.

Ann cook a resident at Marley Court said “Come here I’ll show you how to do the nose” as she finished off the snowman while singing Frosty the snowman.

Everyone wanted a picture with Frosty before Elaine took him outside to sit at the window and look in.

Bev Unsworth Manager at Marley court say’s “Today Elaine has put smiles on faces all around the home after she went out and gathered snow this morning, just because our residents can’t go out in to the cold doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the snow as much as everyone else, I am proud to have such thoughtful members of staff here at Marley court who won’t let disability get in the way of enjoying anything in life.”

Elaine Wright Activity Co-ordinator say’s “It was lovely to see when the residents realised it was real snow, when they put it in their hand and experienced it for the first time in years the smiles that came from it made going out at 8am this morning to collect it worth it a hundred times over, it’s well worth thinking outside if the box, I absolutely love this job.”

For more information about Marley court contact Bev Unsworth: bev@millennium-care.co.uk 

Bolton Rd, Heath Charnock, Chorley PR7 4AZ

Phone01257 226700



Millennium care leaders train as first aiders on a two-day intensive course to help look after the health and wellbeing of staff.

Millennium care leaders train as first aiders on a two-day intensive course to help look after the health and wellbeing of staff.

Millennium care leaders will now be able to deliver mental health first aid to staff in care homes across Lancashire.


A group of 15 Millennium care home leaders completed the adult Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course this January on a two-day intensive course led by Simon Osborn.

The care home leaders learned how to spot the early signs and symptoms of mental illness and then support and guide the person involved providing help on a first aid basis.

The course focussed on destigmatising mental health and promoting wellbeing.

Emily Fitzsimmons Millennium care HR Practitioner said “ I was really excited about attending the MHFA course to become a mental health first aider, it is imperative as a HR practitioner that I feel confident in addressing and supporting the welfare of our employees. The course more than surpassed my expectations and was a truly engaging, fun and informative course for such an emotionally taxing subject area. I believe the training will support me in my HR role in many ways, which include spotting the signs of mental ill health for early intervention, being a good listener and offering guidance and support to those who need it. Having at least one mental health first aider in each of our homes contributes towards our HR strategy to create a culture of support and trust.”

Figures show 1 in 4 people will have symptoms of a diagnosable mental health condition every year and Millennium care are a company who want to be in a position to help anybody who might experience mental health illness whether that is in the workplace or not. To now have a team of qualified Mental Health First Aiders who can share their knowledge with colleagues as well as friends and family is an amazing achievement.

Helen Inman Manager at Lavender Hills care home in Ramsbottom say’s “We have a duty of care to our colleagues to support their mental health and well-being. The 2-day intensive course has given me an insight into how it feels for people living with a mental illness. I learned that mental health travels up and down on a sliding scale and how to recognise the signs that someone might be struggling, as well as looking at how people cope with stress. This course has been so valuable.”

Course leader Simon Osborn commented “The experience with Millennium care was brilliant, I have truly enjoyed every second of the two days and loved meeting everyone. The discussion, the honesty, the hugs, and the ‘Dad jokes’ were fantastic. It was an amazing team, within an amazing business, with an amazing approach to mental health! Well done to all involved.”

Kathryn Disley Manager of Windsor House care home Wigan say’s “The MHFA course was enlightening, it has heightened my awareness of the importance of implementing the ‘ALGEE’ tool in the workplace in order to provide support and assistance to the colleagues that I manage”

Anyone affected by mental ill-health can visit www.nhs.uk/conditions/stress-anxiety-depression/

Practical information, interactive tools, and videos from the NHS can help look after your mental health and avoid common problems like depression, anxiety, and stress.

For more information on Mental Health First Aid contact Simon Osborn: 07484 289 685

For more information about Millennium care contact Clare: 01706 285 221


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