Lakeside Care Home Manager introduces employee engagement strategy with vision and values workshop

Lakeside Care Home Manager introduces employee engagement strategy with vision and values workshop

Lakeside Care Home Manager starts 2019 by introducing a new employee engagement strategy with vision and values workshop

Lakeside care home in Standish kick-started the year with a vision and values workshop, interactive exercises and a hands-on vision board brought all staff together at Lakeside care home to bring healthy closure to 2018 and a start to the new year with new roles and new plans that reflect everybody’s values.

A new training and development programme was discussed during the workshop which has now been introduced into the home.

Staff members at Lakeside are welcome to research courses they would find of value to the home and these will be funded to encourage personal progression.

Vision and values are a great foundation for future growth. But you need passionate people to make them real and that is something Lakeside certainly is not lacking in, all staff showed such passion for their home and want to continuously improve Lakeside for residents and their families.

During the workshop some new roles were established which will be voted on and put in place over the coming Month these roles will be the ‘champions family’ which will include the following roles;


  • The Loving Champion – taking a lead on engaging our residents through positive interactions with humans and animals including pet therapy
  • The Community Champion – establishing links with Lakeside and the wider Standish and Wigan community.
  • The Spontaneous Interaction Champion – taking a lead on an exciting concept which encourages every passing opportunity with residents to be filled with engagement, excitement, and
  • The Reminiscence Champion – providing opportunities and resources to encourage reminiscence interactions.
  • The Safeguarding Champion – taking responsibility to ensure that our residents are safe and well looked after.
  • The Infection Control Champion – being the home’s lead on all matters relating to infection control.
  • The end of Life Champion- to care for residents who are coming to end of life and support families ensuring as much for them can be done as possible
  • The Sleep/ Rest Champion- to ensure all residents are getting a good night sleep and rest throughout the day
  • The Medication Champion- taking responsibility for medication checks.
  • The social Inclusion Champion- to ensure activities and events are person-centered and every resident is included in one way or another.

Debbie Cank Manager at Lakeside says “It’s been a strong and motivating start to the year, we want everyone at Lakeside to have a voice and know that their voice will be heard, we want to move the home forward and with the new Champions family and training and development programme I feel we have an exciting year ahead of us at Lakeside.”

The passionate team at Lakeside have been busy planning many upcoming events since the workshop including a Valentine’s tea dance, home safari visits as well as some bigger events for the summer.

For more information on Lakeside care home please email Debbie at or call 01257 422931.