Marley court Nursing home welcome new Activities coordinator

Marley court Nursing home welcome new Activities coordinator

New Activities coordinator develops a programme of activities suitable for all residents at Marley court.

Elaine says “I am very excited to start my new role as activities coordinator; this role is very much me. I will make it fun and engaging for all residents. My aim is for residents at Marley court to be excited when they get up the morning.”

In 2014 after working in education for 15 years Elaine decided she wanted to work in care where she could make a difference to the lives of our elderly community, Elaine started working at Marley court where she worked her way up to being senior carer over 4 years.

Elaine hasn’t even started her new role yet and has already made plans for a brass band to visit Marley court, a Halloween party and a Christmas Pantomime where she plans to invite the local community to come together bridging age gaps.

Elaine says “I won’t leave anybody out and aim to provide a bespoke activity programme to each resident, we have one lady who has gone blind but she loves singing and dancing, I have plans to take her to a singing and dancing evening where she can fully enjoy herself.”

Plans are already made to have monthly celebration parties where at the end of each month Marley court will celebrate the birthdays of all residents in that month, these parties will be themed each month with a different twist to keep the excitement going with talks of starting with a 1940’s theme as many of the residents love the music and style of the era.

Other plans for activities include a visit from a brass band, movies nights and visits from local children bridging the generational gap in the community.


For more information about Marley court or the new activities programme please get in touch with Bev on  01257 226700 or


Thank you Team Brookdale!

Thank you Team Brookdale!

Brookdale care home Bury want to thank these young teens for their amazing support in the comminuity.

Teenagers across Bury have been giving up their summer holidays to raise money for good causes in their community Brookdale care home Bury as part of the National Citizen Service (NCS) programme.

One group made up of 15-17 year olds decided to organise fundraising activities, with all money raised going to help those who suffer from Dementia, this NCS team choose Brookdale care home in Bury as the place in the community they would like to help as Brookdale have a specialist Dementia unit named Cherry Blossom house.

The group of teens got together to brain storm which triggered some fantastic ideas for Brookdale and how they can help their residents with Dementia.

The group started with a football match where they charged people to come and watch, from the sale of tickets they decided they had enough to revamp part of the garden at Brookdale that leads out from the garden lounge which is often used by residents to relax where they can enjoy peaceful sounds through the surround sound speakers.

The NCS group now named Team Brookdale sketched a plan for the garden and even studied how they could make it Dementia friendly by developing an understanding of the condition, the team quickly gained knowledge of the importance of gardens and how it increases especially as we get older, as a place to relax and recover, as well as receive multi-sensory stimulation from the environment.

Team Brookdale were determined to give Brookdale care home residents a garden they could enjoy and not just in summer, they decided to make it seasonal rotational, so the garden would benefit from colour all year round with different flowers and plants growing in different seasons.

Richard Riley from NCS said “It’s so nice to see these teenagers getting so involved within the community, they have such passion to give something back and it’s heart-warming to watch. They have been getting to know the residents at Brookdale care home in Bury and have developed bonds with the residents there, they’re doing a great job in revamping the garden for the residents to enjoy all year round.”

Ian holt a resident at Brookdale said, “It’s such a good idea and it promotes friendship, It gives the children something to do in the summer holidays, I’d like to see a herb garden like I used to have growing up then I can grow mint and other herbs.”

Team Brookdale group took Ian’s suggestion on board and have created a mini herb garden, so Ian can enjoy the garden like he used to back at home.

After bonding with the residents at Brookdale the group decided they wanted to go a step further and do even more for the residents they have grown so fond of, so they decided they wanted to find a way to get all the residents out on a trip without Brookdale having to hire coaches or relay on other forms of transport like they usually do.

Another brain storming session sparked ideas of a fund raiser for a mini bus, they would start the next day in the Rock, Bury town centre and charge passers by 50p to throw a wet sponge at any member of the team or £1 for 3 throws.

The team got up the next day and headed to Bury town centre where they spent the day being hit with wet sponges, but it was all worth it if they were helping their friends at Brookdale care home.

Tracey Leverton Manager at Brookdale said “It’s amazing what these young people are doing for Brookdale, they have made all these decisions on their own and bonded with our residents, it’s so lovely and we can’t thank them enough. We have had plans for the garden, so it’s worked so well, when they finish it we will be doing a grand revealing to our residents and their families as they can now all enjoy the great outdoors leading from the garden lounge.”

Tracey continues “We are planning to change the garden lounge in to a bistro garden room and make the most of the outdoor space which will fit perfectly with what the NCS team are doing, next summer we will have a play area for kids, so all the family can sit together when our residents loved ones visit. We can’t wait to see the result it’s already visually striking. Thank you NCS.”

Joseph Child one of the team members said, “We’re enjoying giving back to our community and the residents at Brookdale, we raised the money for the garden by having a football match and then went to buy bulbs and plants with the money, I’m learning so much.”

NCS team gardening at Brookdale

NCS team at Brookdale care home

Brookdale care home in Bury is part of the Millennium care group, after learning of the work and dedication the team have for Brookdale care home Millennium care have organised to donate 1.5 times what the group raise for Brookdale to charities NCS support to give something back to them.







A huge thank you to the Co-op from Lavender Hills

A huge thank you to the Co-op from Lavender Hills

Today at Lavender Hills 2 lovely ladies from the Co-op spent the afternoon with us, they brought with them a very large box full of vintage items to reminisce with our lovely residents at Lavender Hills care home in Ramsbottom as well as lots of lovely co-op cakes and a washing line with an amazing plan behind it.

The huge box contained many items dating right back to before the war. Dorris said, “it’s brought back many memories.”

The box of goodies wasn’t the highlight of the afternoon as the washing line was assembled across the fireplace the girls from the Co-op went around to each resident in the room and asked them to make a wish with the help of Lavender Hills activities Co-ordinator Nickie Brooks.

Each wish was then attached to the washing line and the Co-op ladies plan to make each wish come true!! I don’t know how they’re going to manage some of them for example June wishes to meet Elvis who she has adored for many years. The Co-op ladies suggested they might surprise her with a life size cut out of Elvis when they return on their next visit.

Residents at Lavender Hills were very pleased with the visit from the Co-op and look forward to their return in the near future bringing one persons wish come true each time they visit Lavender Hills.

Assistant Chef at Brookdale care home

Now Recruiting for an Assistant Chef – up to 42.5 hours per week competitive rates of pay for relevant experience and qualifications.

Care Assistant Days x 3 33 Hours Various hours available and competitive rates of pay.

Senior Care Assistant Nights 1 x 33 Level 3 and experience required competitive rates of pay.

Care Assistants Day and Nights – Bank Staff – flexible hours available.