Brookdale care home Bury have a series of ‘graze stations’ installed at the home’s Cherry Blossom House, a section of the home that cares for those with dementia.
Designed to look and have a homely feel to them – soft wood, deliberate slats so that residents can see through them when sat down and installed at low level so residents can see them when walking installed to empower residents to eat a variety of…

snacks without reliance on asking staff – frees residents that aren’t able to communicate their needs to snack as and when they feel residents with dementia that walk more are likely to burn more calories, for those that cannot communicate their needs, this empowers them to snack at their will.

The Graze stations are strategically positioned at a number of ‘destinations’ to encourage use.

Edith Tucker, manager of the home says ‘this initiative is part of our continued innovation drive at the home that is focused on empowering our residents in addition to bringing in a wider community involvement in the home. I had chosen the look of these ‘graze stations’ as they emanate a homely feel and because of their benefits to make its contents of fresh produce, snacks and drinks visibly clear. It is also strives to ensure that our residents are well hydrated and encourages a greater degree of independence in my home. It is also available for the use of staff too to ensure that they have access to snacks throughout the home which can also be used as part of interactions with residents and making the environment more immersive. The ‘graze stations’ complement our garden lounge and our approach to the design of the environment that creates an enabling and dignified environment for those that live with dementia to have a meaningful experience at the Cherry Blossom House at Brookdale Care Home’

Brookdale care home Bury are continuously thinking of new ideas to improve their home and these ideas often come as a result of the innovations team meetings where the staff get together to brain storm new ideas on how they can improve life at Brookdale for their residents. The Graze stations not only encourage residents to help themselves to the snacks but are a tasty way of getting your 5 a day!