Windsor House care home in Standish Wigan were honoured when a representative of the Royal Air Force visited their home last week.

Chris, a serving member of the RAF kindly visited the home to present John Pennington, an RAF Veteran, a collage of pictures from the Battle of Britain memorial flight.

John was so overwhelmed with Chris visiting he shared his stories of his time in the RAF as they chatted for an hour over a cup of tea. John said “Oh it was fantastic, i really liked the chap and he gave me a picture which i now have displayed in my bedroom.

John went on to say “I thought i was going to be arrested when i first saw him, he was very smart in his uniform and although he is currently the same rank as what i was in the RAF i can tell he’s going to go far, he’s a very intelligent chap.”

The visit was organised by Colette Smith Activities Coordinator at Windsor house, Colette says “It was so nice to see John honoured for the time he served for his country. His daughter Kay was also present, and she said it was so lovely to see her dad enjoy such an occasion.”

John said the visit brought back many memories from his time in the RAF and he wasn’t the only one.

For Pat Kneal another resident at Windsor House it brought back the memories of her husband who was in the RAF when they first met during WW2.

Pat said “I filled up when he

Windsor House RAF visit

walked in, he was so handsome just like my husband when we first met, we were together for 71 years and i thought it was him coming back to see me as he passed away 2 years ago, it was a lovely afternoon and memories came flooding back.”

Windsor House care home have been working on a wish tree campaign making the wishes of their residents come true and were featured in the press recently for organising a wish of one of their residents to relive her dream of travelling in a sidecar.


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