Windsor House Wish Tree Project Grants Residents Christmas Wishes



Windsor house care home in Wigan has been running a ‘wish tree project’  when Activities Co-ordinator Colette came up with the idea to grant every resident a Christmas wish Manager Kathryn loved the idea and bought a tree straight away to get started for Christmas 2018.

The Tree is designed so each resident gets a chance to have one wish come true, some of the wishes are easy to grant and some not so easy but Colette and the team are determine to make the wishes comes true.

Gertrude a resident of German origin asked for some German Salami like she remembers from her childhood, this wish was easily granted and Gertrude has enough Salami to last her the Christmas season.

Gladys is a resident who used to be a seamstress many years ago, Gladys wanted to sew again.

This wish was granted with the help of 16 year old Eve a volunteer who loves sewing and creating clothing, Eve brought her sewing machine to Windsor house so Gladys could sew again.

Jenny is a resident who absolutely loves Elvis so she wanted to hear and see Elvis, this wish has been granted with DVDs but Windsor House have gone a step further and Jenny will be getting a surprise visit from an Elvis Impersonator.

Eunice wished she was at the beach so Windsor house have put together a plan to grant this wish by bringing the beach to the home, this will include sand, deck chairs, beach balls, fish and chips and a sing along all from the comfort of the warm lounge.

Ann wanted to read her favourite childhood book again – Green gables, it came as a huge surprise to Ann when her wish was granted within days as Colette found the book on Amazon.

Jack wanted a good sirloin steak cooked to perfection and again his wish was granted.

Colette says not only are we able to grant their wishes this Christmas but we know a little bit more about them and what they like so they can all enjoy their wishes all year round.


Windsor House care home

209 Wigan Rd, Standish, Wigan WN6 0AE