Throughout May, Millennium care homes  have been showcasing their talents in a Millennium creative challenge.

The challenge was to produce a masterpiece of artwork which represents each home and community with residents.

All Millennium homes and Residents have very much enjoyed the project – from brainstorming ideas to local community research all though out May to create their masterpiece.

This week I have been visiting Millennium homes across Lancashire for a reveal at each home of their masterpieces.

The winning home will be decided by a judging panel at Millennium care with evidence and pictures presented to the judges, the winning home will receive a special treat in their home for all staff and residents of a day and theme of their choice including mobile spa, entertainment, theatre shows.

There can only be one winning however we will be revealing a second place.

The first Millennium creative project came in from Marley court Nursing home in Chorley.

Marley court had created the scene from their back window of the Leeds to Liverpool canal, residents and staff had brainstormed together how to create the much loved scene from their window which is enjoyed on a daily basis and came up with the idea of creating the same spot of canal out of all recycled materials.

The home quickly got to work once they had decided on the project which stared with Elaine Wright Activities Coordinator finding a large wooden board that had been thrown out.

The board quickly became the water base for their canal, residents found an old green blanket that was ready for the bin made from wood that could be unpicked and made in to grass and trees, a tree was knitted for the scene.

A barge was made from and old file from the office and named Lady Marley by residents of Marley Court Nursing home.

The person driving the boat and a duck watching at the side was donated to the home by one of the visitors Noah who is the Great Grandson of a Marley court resident.

The scene was complete after one month of work including fence, greenery, water, barge and everything else that could be seen from the window, the real fence was leaning slightly next to the canal so the creative team decided to bend the fence slightly on their masterpiece to replicate the exact scene.

To masterpiece was presented with documentation of evidence of where it all began, pictures of brainstorming and a history of that particular part of the canal.

One of the staff members of Marley court who was a big help with information during the history of the project lives on a barge on the canal so she knew a lot of the history.


Marley court Nursing home create masterpiece

The history of the canal at Mary Court




The second Millennium care home to showcase their masterpiece is Brookdale care home in Bury

Brookdale care home staff and residents have created a Bury in Bloom to represent their community in Spring, residents came together to make flowers out of different colour tissue papers on a canvas, the inspiration came from the local community project Bury in Bloom .

Brookdale care home have been working on the gardens at their home planting seasonal rotational displays with the help of local children during their school holidays, Brookdale care home staff and residents love blossoms and colourful scenes so much so they have created their very own garden room within the home which features a large cherry blossom tree in the centre of the room.

Bury in bloom canvas was a project that represents Brookdale care home and their passion for local green space in Bury, even Honey the Brookdale dog was proud of their creation.


The third Millennium home to present their masterpiece is Lavender Hills care home in Ramsbottom.

Lavender Hills care home had decided to create a large collage of all staff and residents of their home for one of the walls leading to their terrace lounge, after brainstorming with residents and staff, the activities team Nickie and gaynor had the challenge of taking pictures of everybody in the home and using a filter and background to suit their personality or something unique about each person.

The large collage took the space of an entire wall in the home and represents Lavender hills as a large family even capturing pictures of regular visitors to the home and entertainers.

The inspiration came from taking snap chat pictures with residents for different occasions such as Easter or a Mad hatters tea party, residents of the home love the filters and are exceptionally proud of their creation which represents the real family feel of their home.





The fourth Millennium home to present their masterpiece is Lakeside care home in Standish

Lakeside care home residents and staff decided they wanted to create a colourful peacock to represent all the beautiful personalities of their home.

The Peacock was made by many residents of Lakeside care home who came together to paint the features and beautiful features of the Peacock, residents hold their creation with pride and say how beautiful it is.


Lakeside creative challenge


And the winner is…

1st PlaceMarley Court Nursing home, Chorley

2nd PlaceLavender Hills care home, Ramsbottom


Well done to all of the Millennium homes for your amazing work on this challenge and well done to Marley court for coming first place!!

Elaine wright Activities Coordinator at Marley court and challenge Project Manager said ” We are so thrilled that we have won this challenge, all those walks to that part of the canal were worth it, all the time we spent looking out of the window  and sitting at the canal with ice cream, it was so much fun creating this masterpiece and it will be a part of Marley court for a long long time.”


For more information on the creative challenge or any of the Millennium care homes contact Clare