While many people may be revelling in the festivities in the lead up to Christmas, those who are sleeping rough on the streets don’t have the same luxury.

Providing Homeless people with care and support is an important course for staff at Lavender Hills especially during the festive period.

Two carers at Lavender Hills care home Kala and Stacey came together earlier this year to brain storm ways in which they can help make a difference this Christmas.

Kala and Stacey took charge of three fundraisers in the home including Food bank donations, Christmas gifts for underprivileged Children and Homelessness.

Kala and Stacey set up the entrance of the home as a drop of point for food, clothes, toiletries and children’s gifts, they also changed the usual ‘secret Santa’ in to a buy a gift for an underprivileged Child this year giving out gender and age cards to staff as a guide.

Stacey at Lavender Hills said “I’ve always wanted to do something, it was just a case of what I could do and when, I see so many homeless people when I go out, I always give them my change but I wanted to do more this year.

Me and Kala go together and discussed helping and how we would be able to make a difference and it went from there, people have been so generous.

Stacey continues “I put myself in their situation and thought about what I would want from someone if I was living homeless, I thought the biggest thing for me would be to be able to clean myself so in addition to warm hats and scarves we have been asking for things like wipes, hand sanitiser and deodorants, these things we take for granted are luxuries to some people.

Lavender Hills have also set up a donation box where visitors can donate at the entrance of the home if they would like to help.


If you would like any more information on Lavender Hills Care home or making a donation please get in contact with Clare, Stacey or Kala at

Lavender Hills Care Home,

Stubbins Vale Road, Ramsbottom, Lancashire, BL0 0NP.

Telephone: 01706 285 221

Email: clare@millennium-care.co.uk