Lavender Hills care home residents and staff were heart broken when they heard the news that their ex-colleague Natalie O’brien has been diagnosed with a rare cancer stage 3.



Natalie was an employee at Lavender Hills care home for 2 years over 21 months previously, she made so many lasting impressions at Lavender Hills not just with the staff but residents as well.

Nat left the Ramsbottom care home in December 2016 to study nursing as she has a real passion for care.

After hearing of the sad news, it didn’t take the staff at Lavender Hills long to start thinking of ways they could help Nat during this difficult time.

Everyone got together and formed a plan to raise money which would go to Nat and Christies where she was being treated.

Rachel Mort a carer at Lavender Hills care home was the main driving force behind the fund raising after becoming close friends with Nat during their time together working at Lavender Hills.

After some brainstorming with her colleagues Rachel organised a charity walk to the top of Scafell Pike a number of staff at lavender Hills joined the Scafell pike team to trek to the top of the mountain.

Rachel Mort- care Assistant

“It was a pleasure to be able to raise this money to help not only my close friend Nat but for Christies who help so many people, nobody deserves to go through cancer and I wanted Nat to know she had the support of everyone here at Lavender Hills, everybody wanted to get involved including the residents which was so lovely.”

On 20th July the day of the Scafell Pike trek the weather turned from glorious sun to torrential rain, this did not deter the Lavender Hills team who were determined continue with the 5 hour trek up the mountain for Nat and Christies.

The team included Rachel- carer at Lavender Hills, Jamie- Maintenance man at Lavender Hills, Hayley carer at another Millennium care home, Brookdale, Helen Lavender Hills Manager and Malc Helen’s fiancé-.

Team Lavender Hills were sponsored by many people including some of the residents from Lavender Hills who remembered Nat when she worked there was a carer.

Rachel Continues 

“The trek was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life- the conditions were terrible and it took 5 hours, afterwards we were all so tired, even too tired to head to the pub so we went to Burger King and then home to sleep. It was all worth it to have raised the money for Nat and Christies.”

On Friday 7th September Lavender Hills staff gathered all the money in preparation for a visit from Nat.

The team arranged a bouquet of flowers, a congratulations balloon for coming to the end of her Chemo treatment and a signed card from everyone at Lavender Hills.

Nat arrived to visit all her old friends at Lavender Hills, while she was in the front lounge visiting residents Lavender Hills Manager Helen Inman walked in with the flowers, Balloons and a jar containing 1,000 pounds cash.

Nat was overwhelmed with the support and generosity from everyone.

Nat O’brien

 “I can’t believe it, I’m so grateful for the generosity of everyone at Lavender Hills, I will be able to book a holiday with this money and have something to look forward to.”

Nat will find out the results of her Chemo later in the year.

We are all hopeful that she has managed to fight the cancer and she will be able to celebrate on the holiday of her dreams.

£500 was also raised to go to Christies.


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