MP James Frith visited Lavender Hills care home to thank the veterans for their service to our country

D’day hero Harold Holiday had a lovely surprise on Thursday as MP James Frith visits him and his friends at Lavender Hills care home following a day of marking 75 years since d’day.


James Frith Tweeted “My honour to do so. We owe so much to so few. It was my pleasure to spend an afternoon with Harold discussing the chapters of his life including his landing on Normandy beach.”

Harold who recently turned 96 Harold is a d’day veteran and the proud owner of the legion d’honneur the highest French order of merit for military and civil merit for service in France.

Lavender Hills resident meets MP

MP James Frith proudly meeting Harold d’day veteran

The medal was awarded to Harold back in 2016 by president Hollande, Harold was incredibly proud to show his award to MP James Frith over a long chat on Thursday evening.

Harold told Mr Frith all about his time in WW2 and what he had done over the following 75 years.

Harold goes on to say “ Well I had passed the top rate as a signal man, there were three trade tests and I didn’t know what I had let myself in for.”

“My word the Germans had u-boats, I was on the Empire ship and had to climb the rope ladder in to the landing craft.”

“I was responsible for the reconstruction of the communications hub between England and Europe allowing our troops to communicate.”

“It was a very specialist job and within weeks we had it working, I worked every day.”

James asked Harold “where did you sleep?” I slept in the telephone building, I used to get quite a good nights sleep actually.

Harold goes on to tell James about a special night off where he went to see an Australian Soprano not realising until the war was over that he was actually sat just a few rows in front of his future Wife and Father in law.

Harold’s Daughter Gillian tells MP James Frith how her incredibly intelligent Father would have gone to Oxford University had it not been for the War, when Harold returned home from the war it was time to go out to work.

Harold turned 21 the Day after d’day but with so much going on he didn’t even realise at the time.

Harold tells James Frith about living at Lavender Hills care home and how well they look after him, Harold surrounded by Birthday cards after recently turning 96 said look at this card, Harold had a card proudly displayed that had been signed by all staff at Lavender Hills and goes on to say “They all came to see me one by one and wished me a happy birthday, they’re great here, I have my own seat where I can see the amazing view we have from the terrace lounge.”

Lavender Hills care home resident with MP James Frith

Lavender Hills care home resident proudly shows MP medal from d’day landings.

Harold has been resident at Lavender Hills care home Bury since December 2018 and feels at home with his own paintings and pictures from home and friends who he enjoys activities with ran by the homes award winning activities team Nickie and Gaynor.

Following the visit from MP James Frith Harold says “ It was a resounding success he was very interested in one or two things and I enjoyed chatting to him very much,”

Gillian hoar Harold Daughter says “It’s wonderful that a busy MP will prioritise a  constituent such as my dad and take the time to listen to him.”

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