Lakeside care home welcome Julie Arrowsmith to the team as new Clinical Lead Nurse.

Julie comes from a 35 year career in the nursing and caring industry with experience in a variety of settings, including 14 years as Director of Nursing services, Nurse assessor and a Care Home Manager.

Julie says “I always wanted to be a nurse from the age of just 6 years old, when i left school i started training as a nurse at age 16.

My dream was to become a district nurse and care for people in their homes, i fulfilled that dream very early on in my career when i became a district nurse in a small rural community, sometimes client confidentiality was difficult as everybody knew each other, when i would stop for a sandwich at lunch time people would chat to me about who i had been to see that morning.

I have some great stories from my district nursing days including when i had to run from cows in a field and climb over 5 bar gates to visit one of the local farmers.

I’ve brought in ladies washing from the line, lit coal fires and made many cups of tea, it was lovely as i got to know each and everyone of my patients personally.

I came in to the care industry when district nursing changed, it became more office based and that’s not me.

Lakeside has given back what i feel is my passion and vocation in life and that is to care, to get to know the people i am caring for, becoming part of their life.”

We are all very excited to welcome Julie on board who will be an integral part of the team here at Lakeside Nursing home.