Residents at Lavender Hills care home reminisce the D-day from the comfort of their home in Ramsbottom.
Harold with his D-day Medals at Lavender Hills care home

Harold with his D-day Medals at Lavender Hills care home

Harold 96 says “I remember every second of it, it was unforgettable.”

Harold continues ” I was the first to be ordered to descend the rope ladder over the Atlantic ocean. The only thing i was worried about was i couldn’t swim, at the end of the rope ladder i had to help swing myself between the vessels and the rescuers.

I refused to take advantage of the first swing but i got it on the second, i was safe i hand landed on the beach.

I was presented with the Légion d’honneur which is the highest medal in France and has to be approved by the French president, it’s given to anybody who has done anything significant in France.

The day after D-day it was my 21st Birthday, i will be celebrating my birthday again tomorrow with my friends here at Lavender Hills.

Dorris 94 says “I remember D-day clearly, i was making aircraft valves, they came in to tell us the news but we couldn’t stop working, i was only 18 at the time and i had left home to work, i shared a hostel with many other girls, we had to wear underwear that was made from parachutes, you didn’t ask questions.

If i went to a dance at night and the alarm was sounded i had to stay there until it was clear to leave.”


Lavender Hills care home have recently been inspected by CQC and have been rated Good in all areas of the home.

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