Millennium care leaders train as first aiders on a two-day intensive course to help look after the health and wellbeing of staff.

Millennium care leaders train as first aiders on a two-day intensive course to help look after the health and wellbeing of staff.

Millennium care leaders will now be able to deliver mental health first aid to staff in care homes across Lancashire.


A group of 15 Millennium care home leaders completed the adult Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course this January on a two-day intensive course led by Simon Osborn.

The care home leaders learned how to spot the early signs and symptoms of mental illness and then support and guide the person involved providing help on a first aid basis.

The course focussed on destigmatising mental health and promoting wellbeing.

Emily Fitzsimmons Millennium care HR Practitioner said “ I was really excited about attending the MHFA course to become a mental health first aider, it is imperative as a HR practitioner that I feel confident in addressing and supporting the welfare of our employees. The course more than surpassed my expectations and was a truly engaging, fun and informative course for such an emotionally taxing subject area. I believe the training will support me in my HR role in many ways, which include spotting the signs of mental ill health for early intervention, being a good listener and offering guidance and support to those who need it. Having at least one mental health first aider in each of our homes contributes towards our HR strategy to create a culture of support and trust.”

Figures show 1 in 4 people will have symptoms of a diagnosable mental health condition every year and Millennium care are a company who want to be in a position to help anybody who might experience mental health illness whether that is in the workplace or not. To now have a team of qualified Mental Health First Aiders who can share their knowledge with colleagues as well as friends and family is an amazing achievement.

Helen Inman Manager at Lavender Hills care home in Ramsbottom say’s “We have a duty of care to our colleagues to support their mental health and well-being. The 2-day intensive course has given me an insight into how it feels for people living with a mental illness. I learned that mental health travels up and down on a sliding scale and how to recognise the signs that someone might be struggling, as well as looking at how people cope with stress. This course has been so valuable.”

Course leader Simon Osborn commented “The experience with Millennium care was brilliant, I have truly enjoyed every second of the two days and loved meeting everyone. The discussion, the honesty, the hugs, and the ‘Dad jokes’ were fantastic. It was an amazing team, within an amazing business, with an amazing approach to mental health! Well done to all involved.”

Kathryn Disley Manager of Windsor House care home Wigan say’s “The MHFA course was enlightening, it has heightened my awareness of the importance of implementing the ‘ALGEE’ tool in the workplace in order to provide support and assistance to the colleagues that I manage”

Anyone affected by mental ill-health can visit

Practical information, interactive tools, and videos from the NHS can help look after your mental health and avoid common problems like depression, anxiety, and stress.

For more information on Mental Health First Aid contact Simon Osborn: 07484 289 685 

For more information about Millennium care contact Clare: 01706 285 221

Parliamentary Review Best Practice Care Representative 2018

Top Ten Rated Care Homes 2014-2018

Activities Team of the year 2018

Care Team of the year 2018

Care Manager of the Year 2016

Shortlist Care Innovator and Employer of the Year 2014-2018


Worthington Lake spread Christmas Cheer by handing out Hot drinks and Mince Pies to the homeless of Wigan

Worthington Lake spread Christmas Cheer by handing out Hot drinks and Mince Pies to the homeless of Wigan

Worthington Lake care home Standish has an incredible team of staff who came together this Christmas to hand out hot drinks, home made soup and mince pies to the homeless in the centre of Wigan, they spent their day handing out hot drinks and pies as well as hats, scarves and gloves that had been knitted and donated by Springfield Nursing home in Coppull.

Worthington Lake care home is due to open early 2019, the new team of staff who have spent a few weeks in training together decided to do something meaningful in the lead up to Christmas so they set up a soup kitchen in the middle of Wigan town on a cold, wet and windy day.

The Worthignton Lake team wanted to spread Christmas cheer in their community and they did just that with over 100 mince pies given out as well hot drinks.

Passers by and shop owners praised the team for what they were doing and even started giving donations so the girls could either buy more stock or give money The Brick homeless shelter.

The team set up a marquee with a banner outside the EE shop in the center,  and carried over flasks full of hot drinks and soup as well as a huge pile of mince pies that had been kindly donated by Costco.

The first visitor to the marquee was Lee Jones, Lee explained he had become homeless after loosing both of his parents suddenly in June last year, Lee stayed under the marquee out of the rain for over an hour chatting to the girls from Worthington Lake care home.

Lee said “It’s fantastic what you are doing, to most people this is just a brew and a mince pie, it means so much more to me, thank you!”

Ann Sherwood Worthington Lake home manager said “Wigan already has the community spirit, today it was evident that everyone supports each other, the police, the church, the shops, you could feel the Christmas spirit all around and we were happy to be part of it.”

I spoke to a few members of the Worthington Lake team to get a few words about their day giving to the homeless of Wigan:

Linda Read  “I feel a sense of accomplishment.”

Kelly Bond “I didn’t know what to expect today but i’ve really enjoyed it, the comments from members of the public and the shops have been so lovely, The Koops said we were doing a wonderful thing.”

Diane Cann “Today has been an eye opener, it seems it can happen to anyone and i’m so glad we’ve been able to help today.”

Katy Grindley “It felt really good helping today, Lee will remember this day and so will i, he was laughing and joking with us and kept coming back throughout the day.

Helen Buckley “They are such friendly people in Wigan it was so nice to be a part of the community.”

Krystyna Bylinski donated her own snood to a homeless girl in a doorway, Debbie Fogg gave her gloves away. Other members of the team include Jennifer Grant and Ffion Dent.

As well as being able to give their time to be in the cold for the day they also managed to raise £117 for The Brick homeless charity which will but put with han extra £185 raised earlier in the year when Worthignton Lake hosted a Halloween Makers Market welcoming the community to get a first glimpse of what the home will look like over looking the beautiful Worthington Lake in Standish.

Starbucks helped the team throughout the day allowing them to refill their flasks of hot water as well as offering chairs and napkins.



For more information on Worthington Lake care home contact Clare at  or Ann at











Millennium care UK shortlisted for Care employer award 2018

Millennium care UK shortlisted for Care employer award 2018

Millennium care UK shortlisted for care employer of the year at the Great British care awards

Millennium care uk are thrilled to have been shortlisted for the care employer of the year award as they approach the opening of their newly built home Worthington Lake.

The Great British Care Awards are a series of regional events throughout England and are a celebration of excellence across the care sector.

The purpose of the awards are to pay tribute to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding excellence within their field of work.

The care employer award seeks to acknowledge and celebrate employers’ commitment to care and how this is achieving success in delivering an excellent service.

Millennium Care is a family run business which has maintained the same core values and ethos since it was founded in 1993.

Millennium care Director Omair Haider works closely with each of the Millennium homes providing daily support to all staff, I gathered a few words from members of staff of their personal experience of working for Millennium care.

Julie Lomax- Deputy home manager

“I have worked for other providers and I have never known anything like the way it is here, our director Omair is unbelievable, he gets involved with not just with staff but residents and their families, he knows everybody and comes to ask how you’re doing, especially if he knows someone has had a problem whether it is at work or home he will be there for them offering his support.”


Helen Inman- Home manager

“Millennium care run good homes because they’re such caring people, I’ve worked for larger companies and I’ve never come across a company like Millennium care, Omair is the most caring and supportive person I know, he doesn’t just listen and support you, he empowers people and makes them feel valued.”


Ken Avery- Hygiene operator

“You can speak to Omair or his dad Mr Haider like friends, we have a laugh which makes work so enjoyable, if there’s ever a problem it will be fixed instantly. Omair walks around and talks to everyone staff and residents and often brings things in for staff to enjoy. I’m proud to work for Millennium.”


Millennium care UK believe recognition and empowerment is very important in a work place.

A number of Millennium care homes have also been shortlisted for awards this year including:

Brookdale care home Bury-  Care team of the year 2018 at the Caring UK awards

Norley Hall care home Wigan- Dementia team of the year 2018 at the Caring UK awards

Lavender Hills care home Ramsbottom – Quality in House keeping award 2018 at the Caring UK awards.

Lavender Hills care home Ramsbottom – Activities team of the year 2018 at the Great British care awards.

For further information regarding Millennium care UK, contact 01706 285221, or visit our website on

If you are interested in working for Millennium care please contact Emily with your CV at



Lavender Hills care home resident celebrates 100th birthday with Extreme Cake Makers surprise

Lavender Hills care home resident celebrates 100th birthday with Extreme Cake Makers surprise

Family and Lavender hills care home surprise 100 year old Mary taking her back 80 years!

Mary Bell at Lavender Hills was 100 last weekend and she had a very big celebration 1930’s style.

Mary’s daughter Gail contacted Channel 4’s extreme cake makers about making Mary a birthday cake to take her back 80 years! Back in the 1930’s Mary worked in the local theatre where she met her late husband who also worked there showing the films. Mary often talks about her theatre days and when extreme cake makers heard Mary would be celebrating her 100th Birthday on 29th June at Lavender Hills they planned a big surprise in the form of a theatre cake!

Everyone at Lavender Hills and all Mary’s family came together to plan a 30’s style party in the home, all staff got dressed up and were in character for the big party taking Mary back to her 20’s, this wasn’t the biggest surprise of all as there was a knock at the door of Lavender Hills which turned out to be channel 4 and the Extreme cake makers Molly with a huge cake in the shape of a theatre advert that was all about Mary. The cake had Mary’s face painted on to the cake in all edible paint, Mary’s face from 1930’s took her back 80 years! The cake even had flashing lights and all edible popcorn make from cake around it.

Not only Mary was stunned but the entire room at Lavender Hills care home in Ramsbottom as the detail was so spectacular. The residents at Lavender Hills couldn’t wait to taste the cake as Mary cut in to it not wanting to spoil the design that would have even impressed Pablo Picasso.

Jackie senior carer at Lavender Hills said “It was fantastic, we all had such a good time and it’s lovely to be able to celebrate this mile stone with Mary and her family.”

Mary received letters from the Queen and two local MP’s James Frith and Jake Berry congratulating her on her 100th Birthday celebrations, these came as another surprise to Mary as they were read out to her during the party.

All staff at Lavender Hills went above and beyond with the effort and their outfits on the day, the atmosphere was electric, and everyone had a dance while Vintage Pearls came in to perform making it all the more spectacular.

From all of the staff at Lavender Hills, Happy Birthday Mary!

Norley Hall Nursing home hosts garden party in honour of veterans

Norley Hall Nursing home hosts garden party in honour of veterans

Saturday 30th June Norley Hall celebrated Veterans day with summer garden party!

Celebrations to mark Armed Forces Day were a big success at Norley Hall, Staff planned a fun-filled day which included entertainment, a singer, homemade afternoon tea made by the inhouse chef, refreshments, raffles, games and special entertainment for children.

Paula Finance administrator at Norley Hall went a step further as she put her head in the stocks for people to throw wet sponges at her throughout the day, many people took great pleasure in ensuring the sponges didn’t miss. Paula say’s “It was good fun and all for an excellent cause, someone went a bit too far and tipped the whole bucket over me but I’d do it all again.”

As it was a very warm sunny day Norley Hall put up a gazebo to provide shade to their residents, families and the local community along with providing cold beverages throughout the day.

Everyone had a fantastic time at the garden party especially Norley Hall’s very own WW2 Veterans who everyone saluted after a few words to commemorate Veterans day.

Irene a veteran resident at Norley Hall said “Oh it was fantastic”

Irene’s daughter Carole Latimer said “The things they do at Norley Hall, it’s marvellous I can’t praise them enough, my mum was in the land army and she had such a fantastic time celebrating veterans day at the garden party, the effort Joan, Janet and all the staff went to was amazing, they made sure there was a lot of shade for my mum, lovely music was played by an artist and they came round with wine, afternoon tea, sandwiches and all sorts. There was a lovely friendly atmosphere me and my husband stayed all afternoon it was that good. The trouble they always go to, it’s amazing!.”

The dress code for the garden party was to wear a hat which was a good dress code with the resent scorching temperatures, ladies

wore their best hats and gentleman wore caps which protected them from the sun.

Children very much enjoyed the garden party and especially enjoyed the new Norley Hall ice cream parlour in the garden where they could enjoy an ice cream and then have a game of bowls with the Norley Hall residents, Norley Hall have recently come together with the local community to bridge the generation gap and have plans to work closely with their local school St Cuthbert’s in the near future which will involve regular visits between the school and the home, both residents at Norley Hall and the school children enjoy learning from each other, activities will include crafts, knitting and reading clubs.

Joan Stonehouse Manager at Norley Hall said “It was a lovely day, well received by everyone who came and a great way to say a big thank you to our veterans.”

Millennium care announce expansion in to Stockport with high specification purpose built care home

Millennium care announce expansion in to Stockport with high specification purpose built care home

 Millennium Care UK Limited, advised by Indigo Planning, have received unanimous approval from Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council’s planning committee for the re-development of the Adswood Hotel, Adswood Lane West, into a 60-bed care home offering specialist dementia care located at the heart of the Cale Green Conservation Area.

Millennium care are very passionate about keeping the historic value within the Stockport community and plan to keep changes to the locally-listed Adswood hotel to a minimum retaining the beauty of the buildings original features which can be seen from the road as motorist and pedestrians pass by which means they can appreciate the history of the local area.

Millennium care UK are very much looking forward to joining the Stockport community and the future of Adswood bringing a community café to the area as well as welcoming the local residents to be involved in the grand opening next year as well as future events which have been a great success in all homes operated by Millennium care UK where they have provided nursing, residential, dementia and palliative care across Lancashire.

Managing director of Millennium care Omair Haider says “We’re excited to bring our award-winning expertise to Stockport and look forward to restoring a beautiful historic building for this community to enjoy for many years to come. We have worked hard to design a truly special care home that we believe will provide a thriving place to both live and work.”

In recent inspections all homes across Millennium care have been rated “good” by the CQC and Millennium care were shot listed Innovator and Care employer of the Year 2017. Millennium were also ranked in the top ten care homes in the north West and won a Top 20 Award from 2014 to 2017.

With a team of nationally-recognised consultants collaborating to advise on the project, the Esmail Architects designed care home will provide 60 en-suite bedrooms offering specialist dementia care, a community café and dementia-friendly sensory garden.  The friendly residential setting provides the ideal platform for community outreach and integration to prevail.


The development will regenerate the current site, which has been vacant and fallen into disrepair since its closure in 2013.  The locally-listed Adswood Hotel building will be retained and restored as part of the development.  The scheme will also incorporate parking and cycle storage as well as electric vehicle charging points, and public realm improvements, including hard and soft landscaping.


The development site sits within a sensitive location in the Cale Green Conservation Area, a leafy and well-preserved neighbourhood in the centre of Stockport Borough.  The development has been carefully and meticulously designed with input from the Council’s Conservation Officer to ensure a high-quality and appropriate design for the redevelopment which enhances the retained locally-listed heritage asset and wider Conservation Area.


James Warrington, of Indigo Planning, said “the discussions we conducted with key stakeholders during the pre-application stage of this application laid the foundations for an excellent working relationship with Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council and the local community.  The redevelopment of the Adswood Hotel site is a very high-quality scheme and represents a major opportunity for Stockport’s care offering.  The green light for this development will ensure high-quality en-suite care accommodation can be provided in a friendly residential setting to meet current high-demand.”


Mahmood Esmail, of Esmail Architects, said “Esmail Architects excel in design challenges, in this case it was the need to redevelop an existing but constrained site in a highly accessible but sensitive location.  Having taken time to understand and appreciate our client’s business and incorporating

the latest research in dementia care, together with our sympathetic approach to dealing

with locally listed assets has resulted in a design scheme that has been supported by

Stockport Council.  We now look forward to delivering a high-quality scheme that will give a new lease

of life to the former Adswood Hotel site.”



Project team:

Developer – Millennium Care UK Limited

Architect – Esmail Architects

Planning – Indigo Planning

Landscape Architect – PGLA


For further information regarding Millennium care UK, contact 01706 285221, visit our website on




Millennium care UK shares best practice alongside Prime Minister Theresa May in The Parliamentary Review

Millennium care UK shares best practice alongside Prime Minister Theresa May in The Parliamentary Review

Millennium care UK features alongside the Prime Minister and a small number of outstanding organisations in a document that looks back on the year in industry and Westminster. The main aim of the Review is to showcase best practice as a learning tool to the public and private sector.

Millennium care were invited to Parliament to discuss approaches to care and innovation.

Across all policy areas, The Parliamentary Review is sent to over half a million leading policymakers. The articles in the Review act as both a blueprint for success and a template for reform.

Millennium care provide nursing, residential, dementia and palliative care across homes in and around the Lancashire area including Ramsbottom, Bury, Wigan, Chorley and are currently working on two new projects bringing high quality care in truly bespoke surroundings to the historic Worthington Lake Standish later this year as well as Adswood Stockport next year.

Millennium care received kind words on the news of being selected for Parliamentary review from local MP James Frith member of Parliament for Bury and Ramsbottom -“I’m delighted that Brookdale Care Home in my constituency has been recognized for the excellent care it provides to some of our elderly and most vulnerable people. It is so important that examples of good provision are shared for others to follow and I hope this recognition with a Parliamentary review will highlight this great local work to providers across the country.”


Millennium care received more kind words from Jake Berry MP for Rossendale and Darwen where Millennium care operate Lavender Hills care home Mr Berry says “I am proud of the dedicated work and care from the Millennium care local care homes, their hard work has been has been so highly recognized to be selected for Parliamentary review and it is inspiring to see Millennium cares determined leadership and innovative thinking has turned around care homes.”

The hard work and dedicated teams of each Millennium care home have not gone unrecognized across all Millennium care UK homes the management and staff enjoy going the extra mile to make each of their homes extra special.

 In recent inspections all homes across Millennium care have been rated “good” by the CQC and Millennium care were shot listed Innovator and Care employer of the Year 2017. Millennium were also ranked in the top ten care homes in the north West and won a Top 20 Award from 2014 to 2018.


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Daffodil Lodge care home opens the doors with Footballer

Daffodil Lodge care home opens the doors with Footballer

Daffodil Lodge care home Southport opened this weekend with a 1940’s style party, the ribbon was cut by Southport footballer Adam Ryan Dawson and the local community came together to celebrate the opening of Daffodil Lodge care home, Daffodil Lodge is Managed by Lea Jones who also manages Marina care home just around the corner from Daffodil, Marina was taken over by Millennium care uk in 2016, Manager Lea and Deputy Manager Adam Holmes along with staff have worked hard as a team on both Marina and Daffodil care homes to make them a safe, comfortable and homely home.

Residents from Marina care home came to the Daffodil Lodge launch party with their families, Julie Bevan daughter of a resident at Marina care home said “Daffodil is so nice, it’s bright with quirky little touches, very homely with a sea view overlooking Southport’s coast. We have seen massive changes in Marina since Lea and Adam came on board, it’s now my mum’s home rather than a care home that she’s in, she’s happy and the staff are all her friends.”

All the staff at the Daffodil Lodge care home launch party were dressed in 1940’s clothing and serving champagne and canapes whilst a 1940’s singer dressed in military uniform sang with a beautiful voice. Children played in the Daffodil garden on a bouncy castle and all lady guests were given a bunch of Daffodils on arrival.

Carly Smith a guest at the Daffodil launch party came along with her Daughter and Mother, Carly said “Today has been fantastic for mum and us as a family. Daffodil Lodge feels like a home from home and the staff are so warm and caring.”

Another guest at Daffodil Lodge care home launch Val Partner said “Daffodil is very welcoming, homely and the manager is very welcoming, it’s everything you would want for a loved one.”

Lea and Adam are now very pleased with the kind words and response from Marina and Daffodil and recently got a ‘GOOD’ in all areas CQC rating for Marina care home Southport after a recent inspection.


For more information on Daffodil Lodge care home Southport or Marina care home Southport call or email Lea Jones on 01706 828 412