Lavender Hills care home Bury enjoys visit from MP who thanks D’day veteran

Lavender Hills care home Bury enjoys visit from MP who thanks D’day veteran

MP James Frith visited Lavender Hills care home to thank the veterans for their service to our country

D’day hero Harold Holiday had a lovely surprise on Thursday as MP James Frith visits him and his friends at Lavender Hills care home following a day of marking 75 years since d’day.


James Frith Tweeted “My honour to do so. We owe so much to so few. It was my pleasure to spend an afternoon with Harold discussing the chapters of his life including his landing on Normandy beach.”

Harold who recently turned 96 Harold is a d’day veteran and the proud owner of the legion d’honneur the highest French order of merit for military and civil merit for service in France.

Lavender Hills resident meets MP

MP James Frith proudly meeting Harold d’day veteran

The medal was awarded to Harold back in 2016 by president Hollande, Harold was incredibly proud to show his award to MP James Frith over a long chat on Thursday evening.

Harold told Mr Frith all about his time in WW2 and what he had done over the following 75 years.

Harold goes on to say “ Well I had passed the top rate as a signal man, there were three trade tests and I didn’t know what I had let myself in for.”

“My word the Germans had u-boats, I was on the Empire ship and had to climb the rope ladder in to the landing craft.”

“I was responsible for the reconstruction of the communications hub between England and Europe allowing our troops to communicate.”

“It was a very specialist job and within weeks we had it working, I worked every day.”

James asked Harold “where did you sleep?” I slept in the telephone building, I used to get quite a good nights sleep actually.

Harold goes on to tell James about a special night off where he went to see an Australian Soprano not realising until the war was over that he was actually sat just a few rows in front of his future Wife and Father in law.

Harold’s Daughter Gillian tells MP James Frith how her incredibly intelligent Father would have gone to Oxford University had it not been for the War, when Harold returned home from the war it was time to go out to work.

Harold turned 21 the Day after d’day but with so much going on he didn’t even realise at the time.

Harold tells James Frith about living at Lavender Hills care home and how well they look after him, Harold surrounded by Birthday cards after recently turning 96 said look at this card, Harold had a card proudly displayed that had been signed by all staff at Lavender Hills and goes on to say “They all came to see me one by one and wished me a happy birthday, they’re great here, I have my own seat where I can see the amazing view we have from the terrace lounge.”

Lavender Hills care home resident with MP James Frith

Lavender Hills care home resident proudly shows MP medal from d’day landings.

Harold has been resident at Lavender Hills care home Bury since December 2018 and feels at home with his own paintings and pictures from home and friends who he enjoys activities with ran by the homes award winning activities team Nickie and Gaynor.

Following the visit from MP James Frith Harold says “ It was a resounding success he was very interested in one or two things and I enjoyed chatting to him very much,”

Gillian hoar Harold Daughter says “It’s wonderful that a busy MP will prioritise a  constituent such as my dad and take the time to listen to him.”

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Courage of the D-Day landings brought to life by 97 year old Harold and friend Dorris

Courage of the D-Day landings brought to life by 97 year old Harold and friend Dorris

Residents at Lavender Hills care home reminisce the D-day from the comfort of their home in Ramsbottom.
Harold with his D-day Medals at Lavender Hills care home

Harold with his D-day Medals at Lavender Hills care home

Harold 96 says “I remember every second of it, it was unforgettable.”

Harold continues ” I was the first to be ordered to descend the rope ladder over the Atlantic ocean. The only thing i was worried about was i couldn’t swim, at the end of the rope ladder i had to help swing myself between the vessels and the rescuers.

I refused to take advantage of the first swing but i got it on the second, i was safe i hand landed on the beach.

I was presented with the Légion d’honneur which is the highest medal in France and has to be approved by the French president, it’s given to anybody who has done anything significant in France.

The day after D-day it was my 21st Birthday, i will be celebrating my birthday again tomorrow with my friends here at Lavender Hills.

Dorris 94 says “I remember D-day clearly, i was making aircraft valves, they came in to tell us the news but we couldn’t stop working, i was only 18 at the time and i had left home to work, i shared a hostel with many other girls, we had to wear underwear that was made from parachutes, you didn’t ask questions.

If i went to a dance at night and the alarm was sounded i had to stay there until it was clear to leave.”


Lavender Hills care home have recently been inspected by CQC and have been rated Good in all areas of the home.

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Lavender Hills care home staff think of others this festive period

Lavender Hills care home staff think of others this festive period

While many people may be revelling in the festivities in the lead up to Christmas, those who are sleeping rough on the streets don’t have the same luxury.

Providing Homeless people with care and support is an important course for staff at Lavender Hills especially during the festive period.

Two carers at Lavender Hills care home Kala and Stacey came together earlier this year to brain storm ways in which they can help make a difference this Christmas.

Kala and Stacey took charge of three fundraisers in the home including Food bank donations, Christmas gifts for underprivileged Children and Homelessness.

Kala and Stacey set up the entrance of the home as a drop of point for food, clothes, toiletries and children’s gifts, they also changed the usual ‘secret Santa’ in to a buy a gift for an underprivileged Child this year giving out gender and age cards to staff as a guide.

Stacey at Lavender Hills said “I’ve always wanted to do something, it was just a case of what I could do and when, I see so many homeless people when I go out, I always give them my change but I wanted to do more this year.

Me and Kala go together and discussed helping and how we would be able to make a difference and it went from there, people have been so generous.

Stacey continues “I put myself in their situation and thought about what I would want from someone if I was living homeless, I thought the biggest thing for me would be to be able to clean myself so in addition to warm hats and scarves we have been asking for things like wipes, hand sanitiser and deodorants, these things we take for granted are luxuries to some people.

Lavender Hills have also set up a donation box where visitors can donate at the entrance of the home if they would like to help.


If you would like any more information on Lavender Hills Care home or making a donation please get in contact with Clare, Stacey or Kala at

Lavender Hills Care Home,

Stubbins Vale Road, Ramsbottom, Lancashire, BL0 0NP.

Telephone: 01706 285 221





Lavender Hills Christmas Fete is this Saturday!! come along for lots of stalls and games

Lavender Hills Christmas Fete is this Saturday!! come along for lots of stalls and games

Lavender Christmas Fete this weekend!

Lavender Hills are hosting a Christmas Community Fete this weekend on Sat 1st at 2pm.

Christmas Tree with presents

The children from Stubbins Primary School will be performing Carols.

Lots of kids fun and games including a Candy Cane Hunt, Kid’s Crafts and Rammy Rocks.

Plenty of stalls to get us in the festive spirit, just some of these include:

All that Glitters

Amber Mae Crafts

Aroma candles

Snug and Style

Tasha Dinky dresses

Box of Delights

Face Painting


Books, Cards, Coffee and Cake

The Body Shop

and best of all….


Come along and join in the fun!!!


Lavender Hills Care Home, Stubbins Vale Road, Ramsbottom, Lancashire, BL0 0NP
Telephone: 01706 285 221 or Email:

Chock’s away as 100 year old Mary flies plane

Chock’s away as 100 year old Mary flies plane

Mary Bell a 100-year-old resident at Lavender Hills care home in Ramsbottom finally got to fulfil one of her dreams today as she flew a plane from Barton Airport over her care home in Ramsbottom.


Mary celebrated her 100th Birthday in June this year when Lavender Hills care home organised a big party for Mary and all her family with a 1930’s style party which was filmed by channel 4’s extreme cake makers as a surprise cake turned up for Mary.

After speaking to Mary about what she would most like for her birthday Mary told staff at Lavender Hills and Millennium care she would love to parachute jump or wing walk as she has a great love of aircraft!

After some research and the go ahead from Mary’s doctor staff members of the care home and Millennium care got together to arrange for Mary to fly a plane over her Lavender Hills care home in Ramsbottom and around Manchester, Bolton and Bury.

The flight took a lot of planning, but Mary became more and more excited as the day grew closer and closer, everything would be planned for the day, but nothing could be done about the weather.

Mary’s flight was cancelled twice due to poor weather conditions, but this did not stop Mary and the dedicated team around her.

Mary and her family were very understanding that it needed to be 100% safe for Mary to go up and enjoy her flight.

Finally, the day arrived today where there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and by 11am the sun was shining over the Eccles airport.

Mary was due to fly at 11, she arrived at Barton Airport with her 2 daughters Aileen and Cherie where she met Helen Inman Lavender Hills Manager and Jeanie Kettle Lavender Hills admin Manager, both where there to wave as Mary flew off in to the clouds.

Mary got in to the plane with a great big smile wearing her leather flying jacket, leather hat, microphone and earphones.

Mary said “Chock’s away” with her thumbs in the air ready to fill one of her life long ambitions.

Mary’s husband worked for the royal air force during WW2 where he serviced planes for the Lancaster bombers.

Married in 1940 Mary and her Husband Harold had 8 children together, during the war while Harold was away Mary would look after their children trying to get as many rations as she could during the hard times.

Mary’s passion for aircraft started all those years ago with curiosity during Harold’s time in WW2.

Mary went up in the air and was able to take control after much practice in her care home she managed to steer the plane to the right and up in to the clouds.

Mary flew over to Ramsbottom, over her Granddaughter’s place of work where she was able to wave from the cockpit of the aircraft to Emma her Granddaughter.

Mary then headed over to Lavender Hills care home where staff and residents were stood outside with a banner saying “Go Mary” all waving as she circled the home 5 times flying herself.

After nearly an hour in the air Mary landed with a huge smile on her face and a wave to everyone like the Queen. Mary said, “Oh it were Grand!” “it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Mary was then interviewed by the BBC and Hits Radio for television and drive time radio.

Helen Inman Manager at Lavender Hills said, “She’s fantastic and fearless, she’s 100 years old and just proves to everyone you can do anything you want to do.”

Eileen Mary’s Daughter said, “It’s been amazing, my mum said it’s the best thing she’s ever done in her 100 years, we’re already talking about what she can do for her 101st next year, it’s amazing what they have done for my mum at Lavender Hills, I can’t thank them enough.”


For more in formation about Lavender Hills contact

call 01706 828412

You can keep up to date with Mary’s trips and other stories on Lavender Hills Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Lavender Hills care home shortlisted for national awards 2018

Lavender Hills care home shortlisted for national awards 2018

Lavender hills shortlisted for Activities team of the year award at the Great British care awards

The Great British Care Awards are a series of regional events throughout England and are a celebration  of excellence across the care sector.

The purpose of the awards are to pay tribute to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding excellence within their field of work.

After 20 months of volunteering and visiting residents at Lavender Hills care home in Ramsbottom Nickie, Gaynor, Mia and Elsie joined Lavender Hills as a committed Activities and lifestyle team.

Since joining Lavender Hills earlier this year, the atmosphere has become exciting and an increasingly fun place to be.

Nickie and Gaynor have built a wide range of daily activities with their little helpers Mia & Elsie 5 and 3.

Lavender Hills were featured in the press recently for an amazing Diamond wedding party with a 40’s theme held for a couple both resident at Lavender Hills.

Jake Berry local MP has supported Lavender Hills care home in a number of events held, staff at Lavender Hills have been thrilled by his support.

Nickie and Gaynor bring a designed tailored and person-centred schedule of activities with a holistic approach to Lavender Hills making activities meaningful, entertaining and inspiring, they have got to know each resident personally in order to ensure meeting their individual needs.

Nickie and Gaynor are currently working on bridging the generation gap in the local area of Ramsbottom connecting schools and rainbows where residents and students will be coming together regularly helping each other building lasting friendships. Rainbows have been visiting Lavender Hills and call residents at the home their Grandfriends this brings smiles to many faces.

Daily activities are enjoyed by residents as well as using the beautiful grounds at Lavender Hills as a perfect setting to connect with local businesses, including Rammy Rock’s, Arm chair yoga, Rhyme time and many more.

Helen Inman manager at Lavender Hills says:

“We are thrilled to have been not only nominated for the award but shortlisted, Nickie and Gaynor do an amazing job, they go above and beyond to ensure our residents get the best quality of life at Lavender Hills. Nickie and Gaynor have brought so much joy to everyone and we are lucky to have them, they all deserve to win the award including Mia and Elsie who put smiles on everyone’s faces, they are such caring little girls.”

 Nickie and Gaynor have plans to host many events welcoming the local community to come along and make friends with our Grandfriends. Since joining team Lavender Hills they have helped organise many birthdays in style with a recent 100th Birthday being filmed by channel 4’s extreme cake makers where Mary was presented with a beautiful cake that took her back 80 years. Nickie and Gaynor are now working on an exciting Christmas fete.

Where ever possible Nickie, Gaynor Mia and Elsie will put a smile on residents faces. Birthday parties are held once a month for all residents born in that month with a theme chosen by them.

1980's themed party

Lavender Hills host 80’s party for residents Birthday

The awards will be held on 24th November in Manchester city center.



Lavender Hills care raise £1,500 from mountain trek

Lavender Hills care raise £1,500 from mountain trek

Lavender Hills care home residents and staff were heart broken when they heard the news that their ex-colleague Natalie O’brien has been diagnosed with a rare cancer stage 3.



Natalie was an employee at Lavender Hills care home for 2 years over 21 months previously, she made so many lasting impressions at Lavender Hills not just with the staff but residents as well.

Nat left the Ramsbottom care home in December 2016 to study nursing as she has a real passion for care.

After hearing of the sad news, it didn’t take the staff at Lavender Hills long to start thinking of ways they could help Nat during this difficult time.

Everyone got together and formed a plan to raise money which would go to Nat and Christies where she was being treated.

Rachel Mort a carer at Lavender Hills care home was the main driving force behind the fund raising after becoming close friends with Nat during their time together working at Lavender Hills.

After some brainstorming with her colleagues Rachel organised a charity walk to the top of Scafell Pike a number of staff at lavender Hills joined the Scafell pike team to trek to the top of the mountain.

Rachel Mort- care Assistant

“It was a pleasure to be able to raise this money to help not only my close friend Nat but for Christies who help so many people, nobody deserves to go through cancer and I wanted Nat to know she had the support of everyone here at Lavender Hills, everybody wanted to get involved including the residents which was so lovely.”

On 20th July the day of the Scafell Pike trek the weather turned from glorious sun to torrential rain, this did not deter the Lavender Hills team who were determined continue with the 5 hour trek up the mountain for Nat and Christies.

The team included Rachel- carer at Lavender Hills, Jamie- Maintenance man at Lavender Hills, Hayley carer at another Millennium care home, Brookdale, Helen Lavender Hills Manager and Malc Helen’s fiancé-.

Team Lavender Hills were sponsored by many people including some of the residents from Lavender Hills who remembered Nat when she worked there was a carer.

Rachel Continues 

“The trek was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life- the conditions were terrible and it took 5 hours, afterwards we were all so tired, even too tired to head to the pub so we went to Burger King and then home to sleep. It was all worth it to have raised the money for Nat and Christies.”

On Friday 7th September Lavender Hills staff gathered all the money in preparation for a visit from Nat.

The team arranged a bouquet of flowers, a congratulations balloon for coming to the end of her Chemo treatment and a signed card from everyone at Lavender Hills.

Nat arrived to visit all her old friends at Lavender Hills, while she was in the front lounge visiting residents Lavender Hills Manager Helen Inman walked in with the flowers, Balloons and a jar containing 1,000 pounds cash.

Nat was overwhelmed with the support and generosity from everyone.

Nat O’brien

 “I can’t believe it, I’m so grateful for the generosity of everyone at Lavender Hills, I will be able to book a holiday with this money and have something to look forward to.”

Nat will find out the results of her Chemo later in the year.

We are all hopeful that she has managed to fight the cancer and she will be able to celebrate on the holiday of her dreams.

£500 was also raised to go to Christies.


Lavender Hills care home Ramsbottom

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