At Brookdale care home everybody marked D-day with reminiscence, paper plane competitions and home made parachutes.

Bill a 95 year old war veteran couldn’t quite believe it’s been 75 years since D-day as he say’s with a surprised look on his face “Is it really.” Bill was a fighter pilot during WW2 and enjoyed marking the day by making planes out of paper for a competition between residents and staff at Brookdale care home in Bury.

Bill tells us how he continued to be a part of the Royal Air Force even after the war ended.

During reminiscing Jessie also resident at Brookdale care home remembered clearly where she was when she heard the news about D-day and when the war was declared, Jessie say’s “I was sat on the window sill at home, i was only 13 and my mum said don’t go out as we knew there was going to be a broadcast, i remember it clearly as my mum and dad were not usually affectionate with each other but my mum just fell in to my dads arms crying when the news was broadcast that we were at war with Germany.

Jessie continues “One of the first things i remember is all the street lights going out as we lived in Middlesbrough which was a target area due to all our industrial stock which could be used for weaponry.

We had an Anderson shelter delivered which was where we slept for most of the war, i would go and collect my two baby cousins each night so they would be safe in the shelter as they didn’t have a garden.

Jessie laughed at her attempt at making a paper plane and enjoyed cakes that were baked and brought in for the reminiscence session from Greater Manchester youth group who wanted to do something special for the residents at Brookdale.

Thank you from all of us at Brookdale for coming in Greater Manchester Youth Group.


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