A chat with Jackie an amazing senior carer at Lavender Hills and resident with amazing WW2 story!

Jackie came to Lavender Hills Ramsbottom some years ago as a domestic cleaner, within a week of Jackie cleaning at Lavender Hills The manager Helen approached Jackie and said “I have such a good feeling you would make an amazing carer, you have a warmth about you and such a friendly aura around you.”  

Helen saw something in Jackie that she felt would benefit her residents at Lavender Hills if Jackie was a carer, Jackie has such an amazing friendly smile and a huge heart.
Speaking to Jackie i can see straight away what Helen saw in that first week of Jackie working at Lavender Hills and it is a pleasure to meet such an inspiring, caring lady.
It is clear Jackie has formed a strong bond with residents at Lavender Hills and doesn’t see her job at Lavender Hills as work she sees it as something she enjoys very much and her passion shines through with her beaming smile just talking about her job and the residents at Lavender Hills.
On occasions Jackie comes in to Lavender Hills Ramsbottom on her days off to take out some of the residents for Afternoon Tea or to the local Garden Centre, this shows to me what an amazing caring lady she is!

Jackie has an interest in history and her favourite era is the 1940’s, some of Jackie’s friends at Lavender Hills remember this era and have some amazing stories from the 1940’s one lady in particular remembers well as she had a very responsible job during the second world war .. Jackie took me to meet an inspirational lady resident at Lavender Hills named Muriel – Muriel was born in 1922 and remembers the 1940’s well.

Muriel say’s “I was a spotter in WW2, my job was to spot enemy aircraft and alert everyone.” “I was only young then so it was a big responsibility.” Muriel has saved many lives over her time and having the pleasure to hear her stories from her youth was amazing.

Keep up the great work Jackie!!

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Muriel on the right after receiving a rose on Valentines Day: